Publication in the International Journal of Cardiology Demonstrates Neovasc Reducer Improves Diastolic Function in Patients Suffering from Severe Angina

A peer reviewed publication in the International Journal of Cardiology demonstrates Neovasc Reducer improves diastolic function in patients suffering from Severe angina.

The peer reviewed article demonstrates that coronary sinus (“CS”) narrowing through the use of the Neovasc Reducer™ (the “Reducer”) improves diastolic function and relaxation of the heart. The article title is: “The impact of coronary sinus narrowing on diastolic function in patients with refractory angina.”

Commenting on the study:  “We are pleased to report evidence that CS narrowing may also improve diastolic function in patients with chronic refractory angina and proven myocardial ischemia. We believe this study has the potential to further encourage cardiologists to treat refractory angina patients with coronary sinus narrowing without the concern of adverse effects on the relaxation properties of the heart,” commented Dr. Shmuel Banai, Medical Director of Neovasc.

The purpose of the study was to evaluate the impact of CS narrowing on stiffness and relaxation abilities of the left ventricle (diastolic function) in patients with myocardial ischemia and severe refractory angina treated with the Neovasc Reducer. The study demonstrated that treatment with the Reducer may lead to improvement in diastolic function and echocardiographic parameters of left ventricular relaxation. The results of this trial may preclude the speculation that coronary sinus narrowing might adversely affect relaxation of the heart muscle. The study clearly indicates the opposite, and demonstrates that the Reducer not only improved angina status and quality of life of these patients, but also resulted in a significant improvement in mean diastolic function. The observed improvement in the relaxation properties of the heart are most probably secondary to the improvement in blood perfusion to ischemic territories of the heart muscle which is known to be the effect of the Reducer.


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