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Kingston Has Everything People in Their Golden Years Could Want

If there’s one thing older adults value in their retirement, it’s time. After years of working and managing a home over the decades, they can finally move to a retirement community that takes menial chores off their hands. They’ll get the time they may have previously lacked to spend with friends and family, learn new skills, indulge in old passions, and whatever else they want.

But what do they need from the city they call home? Many retirees love living in Kingston. Let’s take a closer look to see why.


There’s a reason that Kingston ranked in Canada’s top-10 best cities to retire in, according to the website Zolo. In fact, there are five reasons. When weighing factors like the cost of living, health, weather, culture, and crime, Kingston, Ontario ranked in the top ten, ahead of larger urban centres like Toronto.

Take a day trip to a museum, enjoy a show at the Grand Theatre, or stroll by Lake Ontario and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There’s always something to do to stay busy and active. Kingston is a balanced city offering many modern amenities in a warm, tight-knit community.

Excellent Retirement Homes

Some of the industry leaders, such as All Seniors Care centre in Cataraqui Heights, take specialized care and service to another level. Residents enjoy meals prepared by cooks that offer a balanced diet and delicious flavours.

There are activities and games aplenty in modern, well-designed facilities meant to promote camaraderie in a fun, supportive environment. From social, cultural, and hobby activities, clubs and dances, residents have lots to look forward to. Enjoy craft classes, exercise classes, day trips, bingo, and regular outings. Residents have a swimming pool, fitness centre, and fireside lounge bistro right under their roof.

Crucially, every resident can feel safe to age in place, as there’s independent living and full retirement living, which includes assisted living and secure memory care with customized service plans up to full levels of nursing care.

Kingston retirement homes are well-run supportive centres which help keep residents healthy, active, and stimulated in a range of comfortable, well-appointed suites. The best ones are also pet-friendly! Nobody should live without their four-legged friends or pay an extra fee to have them by their side.

Lakefront is Everything

Is there anything like taking a pleasure stroll around an enormous body of water to clear your mind and make a person feel relaxed? Kingston’s beautiful lakefront looks oceanic as it sits upon Lake Ontario, a Great Lake that’s nestled by the point where the Rideau Canal and the St. Lawrence River meet.

The territory’s immense beauty has captivated generations of people, from the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Peoples, whose traditional territory it was to today’s residents and visitors.

The water isn’t just there for observing. It’s home to some of the best freshwater sailing in the world, home to the famous 1000 Islands and the UNESCO-designated Rideau Canal. Whether you want to look at all the water or ride its glorious waves, Kingston’s lakefront is calling.

Quaint, Historic Architecture

Being inside a beautiful, well-designed room or a home can lift your spirits and make a person feel better. What an architectural achievement when an entire city can create this effect!

Kingston is one of Canada’s oldest cities, dating back to pre-confederation, with European settlement taking place in the 17th century. Kingston was the First Capital of a United Canada in 1841. This rich history is interwoven with its famous attractions and the everyday buildings visitors and residents enjoy on their strolls.

The famous architect George Brown designed its city hall, a designated National Historic Site. Fort Henry is a UNESCO World Heritage site which includes Martello towers and other fortifications. The Heritage Preservation oversees the city’s architectural legacy.

Whether you go on a walking tour or an aimless stroll to get some groceries and exercise, the charming architecture will put a smile on your face and make you feel at ease.

Beaches Galore

Despite Canada’s reputation for harsh winters, Kingston boasts no less than six beaches, including the award-winning pier named in honour of the late local resident Gord Downie, who led arguably Canada’s most iconic rock band, the Tragically Hip.

Enjoy feeling the sand in your toes during the warmer months, and take one of the many scenic trails and pathways to get there. Kingston boasts more naturals than you may have guessed.

The years of setting your alarm clock early for work are over. If you want to indulge in slow time with friends and family in a fun, stimulating, safe, and affordable city, consider retiring to Kingston.

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