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Lazurite Adds Intuitive Modern Medical Solutions as New Distributor of the ArthroFree System

Lazurite Adds Intuitive Modern Medical Solutions as New Distributor of the ArthroFree System

Medical device and technology company Lazurite® today announced that it has added Intuitive Modern Medical Solutions (IMMS) as a distributor of its ArthroFree® Wireless Camera System for the state of New York except New York City.


ArthroFree is the first FDA-cleared wireless camera for arthroscopy and general endoscopy, both areas of minimally invasive surgery. The system is designed to help surgeons work with aximum dexterity and focus. Without camera-cable-related interruptions and contamination concerns, surgeons can keep their eyes on the monitor—and on their patients’ well-being.

Lazurite President Leah Brownlee

Lazurite is delighted to have IMMS join our growing distributor network and in-house sales team. They are a great fit for us with their focus on innovative new technology and coverage of New York state. As we do at Lazurite, IMMS strongly emphasizes the education and training of its team members so that they may be an asset to customers before, during, and after surgery.”

Founded by Principal and CEO Jeffrey Thomas in 2016, IMMS is based in Victor, N.Y., southeast of Rochester. The company currently has nine representatives and an offering encompassing arthroscopy and laparoscopy, extremity, as well as sports tissue and biologics, and total joint replacement. As an added benefit for surgeons and its manufacturer partners, IMMS has an evaluation laboratory in its office.

Principal and CEO IMMS Jeffrey Thomas

“Our manufacturer partnerships are mostly focused on emerging technologies that fit unmet needs in hospitals and surgery centers and have the potential to reduce overhead expenses, all of which makes Lazurite a great fit for us.”

He added, “They are currently partnered in a study of ArthroFree with the University of Buffalo, which has a strong reputation here in western New York, and they’ve already initiated sales opportunities here with clinical evaluations and demos. The news about the availability of this novel technology in our region is spreading. We have demoed ArthroFree in our onsite lab several times already with positive feedback.”

Thomas has more than 25 years of operating room experience, beginning as a hospital corpsman in the United States Navy. He started his business career as a medical device sales associate and worked his way up to a full-line territory manager before moving into management and founding IMMS. Over that time, he has specialized in sports medicine, sports tissue and biologics, arthroscopy/laparoscopy, and total joint preservation.

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