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Look and Feel Your Best This Summer

Are You Ready for Summer? 4 Tips to Get You Into Shape

Look and feel your best this summer at the pool or on the beach should be your number one objective to stay happy and, of course, healthy.

It isn’t a secret: self-confidence levels reach all-time lows during the summer months. Bikini season can be very intimidating and overwhelming for those who have struggled with body image issues, eating disorders, past trauma as well as other issues – that can clearly affect the self-esteem of the healthiest of people. You are not alone.

Of course, all bodies are not bikini bodies, and accepting and loving your features as they are is essential to feel more confident. But if you are looking for ways to boost your confidence PLUS look and feel your best, the smart tips below are for you. Read on:

Rethink Your Diet and Focus on Nourishing Your Body

If you are looking to feel more confident, stronger, healthier, happier, and more energetic, then the first aspect you should focus on is your diet. We are not talking about all the current crazy and dangerous fad diets or short-lived trends that are fueling today’s diet culture. They can be incredibly harmful.

Instead, create a balanced diet, a nutritional plan that can help you provide your body with all the right nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed for a happy and healthy life that will not throw you off your track.

The first step is to work with a specialized nutritionist. However, generally, you should focus on designing a nutritional plan that is rich in natural foods, including vegetables, fruits, plant-based protein sources (i.e.: legumes), whole grains, and water.

Create a Dynamic, Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Exercising is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. But this doesn’t mean that to be healthy, you will need to spend hours on end at the gym! Instead, you should look at your lifestyle and find ways to make it more active and dynamic. Some tips include:

  • If you work at a desk, invest in a standing desk and multiple workstations
  • Spend time outdoors as fresh air can motivate you
  • Move your body for at least 30 minutes a day – walking counts!
  • Choose activities that you love
  • Opt for active hobbies
  • Meet friends and family members

Use Your Body Language

Diets and exercise plans will require time and consistency to offer results, but they are, undoubtedly, surefire ways to feel and look better. But what if you are looking for a quick confidence boost? The secret is in using the power of your body language.

For example, straightening your posture and looking people in the eyes can help you appear more confident and in control. Additionally, using the right body language, smiling, and standing with confidence can offer a great first impression to others.

Consult a Professional

Lastly, you should always undergo a journey towards boosting your confidence with the help of a professional. The right nutritionist and life coach can help you stay focused on your goals and improve your chances of success.

What’s more, a personal trainer can guide you in the choice of an exercise plan that suits your specific needs and goals.

Lastly, healthcare specialists like Dr Govind Krishna can help you understand what surgical interventions might be needed to reduce the risks associated with obesity and start working towards a healthier, fitter body.

In any case, it is important not to downplay low-confidence levels. The idea is to work towards improving your mental and physical health. You have it in you to do it and before you know it you will look and feel your best. Smile and be happy!


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