Luna Unveils Program for Orthopaedic Practices to Reduce Post-Acute Care Costs by 55-70%

Luna Unveils Program for Orthopaedic Practices to Reduce Post-Acute Care Costs by 55-70%

Luna, the leading in-home physical therapy (PT) platform, today announces the launch of a value-based savings program for orthopaedic practices to reduce post-acute care costs by 55-70%.

Top orthopaedic groups are turning to Luna to reduce costs and deliver this innovative, in-person form of care, including Hoag (Orange County), Resurgens Orthopaedics (Atlanta), and dozens of others.

While hospital-at-home continues to shake up healthcare, the latest rapid-growth sector is outpatient PT-at-home – a more cost effective approach over traditional home health, which consists of the same high quality PT services that patients typically receive at a clinic – delivered in the comfort of their own home.

A recent study showed that Luna’s outpatient in-home PT saves an average of $3,000 per case for post-surgical rehab for bundled care cases, equating to Medicare savings of 55%-70% per case.

“These significant savings demonstrate why Luna is the future of healthcare,” said Mike West, former CEO of Rothman Orthopaedic Institute. “For orthopaedic surgeons, the rehabilitation experience should act as an extension of your practice, but that kind of compliance isn’t always easy to come by. With Luna, surgeons and orthopedic groups can ensure that patients receive the highest quality care and make meaningful progress.”

“Orthopaedic surgeons are turning to Luna for a cost effective post-surgical PT-at-home experience for their patients, without compromising quality,” said Palak Shah, Luna co-founder and head of clinical operations. “We are committed to an innovative, tech-enabled approach to rehabilitation. Our superior data, algorithms, and technology, together with our team of exceptional therapists, deliver a high quality, precision experience for post-surgical care with faster recoveries – and is 55-70% less than the average cost of home health.”

Luna works with orthopaedic surgeons and their teams to identify and set protocols, care pathways, and escalation triggers. Depending on the surgeon and the type of surgery performed, Luna technology automatically assigns specific protocols or care pathways to patients. Physical therapists have a seamless way to access this information and track progress in real-time with phase-specific escalation questions via the Luna app. All of this is shared with the surgeon’s team to ensure the highest standards of care.

Luna operates in 43 U.S. markets and 24 states. To date, Luna has partnered with innovative health systems, including Emory Health, SCL Health, UCLA Health, and Scripps Health, to activate outpatient in-home physical therapy for their patient communities.