Magnifico Open MRI System Receives FDA Approval

Magnifico Open MRI System
Esaote Magnifico Open MRI System

Magnifico Open MRI System, a new open whole-body MRI system, and now available for purchase in the USA, was designed with the user in mind through customer feedback to bridge the gap between traditional musculoskeletal imaging and whole-body imaging. 

The Magnifico Open MRI System from Esaote North America is equipped with new advanced technologies that offer versatility in imaging across a wide range of clinical applications:

  • Speed Up – Helps ensure optimal diagnostic image quality and reduce examination times.
  • True-Motion – Innovative real-time imaging solution of the joint, ideal for sports medicine injuries.
  • Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) – Generates excellent image quality for post-surgical patients with metal implants.

“The Magnifico Open MRI System is designed for patient comfort”, says Stephen Gibbs, Manager of MRI Sales & Marketing for Esaote North America. “With an open-gantry design it is ideal for imaging children, large and claustrophobic patients. The compact size is uniquely suited for hospitals, imaging centers, and in-office clinics.”

“As MRI backlogs continue to rise, the demand for high-performance MRI is at an all-time high”, says Robert Lewis, President and General Manager of Esaote North America. “Now is the right time to bring open whole-body MRI to the US market, to help ease these scheduling challenges, while freeing up time slots on overloaded systems to accommodate more patients at the point of care.”

Drawing upon a 30-year legacy, Esaote continues to stay at the forefront, delivering cost-effective and eco-friendly diagnostic imaging solutions that meet the clinical and financial demands of customers worldwide.