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Saturday, June 3, 2023



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Mark-10 Introduces New Integrated Controls to Streamline Essential Force Measurement

Mark-10 introduces the Series F family of force testers for quality control and process monitoring in fabrication and assembly operations. The Series F family integrates IntelliMESUR software for machine control, force measurement, and data acquisition in a single clean graphical user interface. This brings another level of efficiency into recurrent testing, allowing users to define and store test sequences for both routine and unique tasks, store all measurements, and perform standard and specialized data analysis.

Mark-10 force and torque measuring instruments have long enjoyed a reputation for precision engineering and reliable operation in challenging environments. The new degree of operational simplicity in Series F force testers offers decreased test times for both routine and unique procedures to validate medical device manufacturing, measure packaging performance, confirm plastics formulation, check automotive module consistency, and verify aerospace component fabrication.

For example, medical syringe manufacturers must verify the syringe plunger force is within limits. The requirements vary with syringe geometry, so the test parameters must be adjusted for each different design. The Series F allows the full test procedure to be stored for each distinct geometry, and also allows the measured results to be correlated with syringe configuration, the plastic composition of the components, or any other elements that could influence syringe performance.

The same ease of operation and powerful data analysis can be applied to such applications as automobile seatbelt retraction force testing, package opening force verification for medication or consumer goods, and tension and compression measurements for plastic or metal test coupons for aerospace applications.

Mark Fridman, President of Mark-10, notes that the new Series F + IntelliMESUR allows more complex test sequences to be performed, without introducing more complexity for operators. “It’s more configurable, but is also easy to use. We anticipate our customers will see significant reductions in test time and cost, while having data analysis capabilities that bring added value to test operations.”

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