Mathias Romacker Selected as the Newest Member of the Kymanox Executive Advisor Team


Kymanox Corporation (“Kymanox”), a professional services organization supporting biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, and combination product industries, announced the addition of well-known and experienced professional, Mathias Romacker, to the Kymanox Executive Advisor (KEA) team.

With its diverse team of industry experts, Kymanox helps clients navigate commercialization challenges that arise throughout a product’s life cycle – from early development to post-market. Kymanox Executive Advisors provide strategic guidance to the company and leverage deep relationships in the global life science community to help the company’s clients and their programs achieve success .

With over 30 years of experience in the biopharma, pharmaceutical supplier, and medical device industries, Romacker served four times as the co-chair of the largest combination products conference of the year, the PDA Universe of Prefilled Syringes & Injection Devices Conference. He is the former Senior Director of Device Strategy at Pfizer and currently is a Board Member for the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) and will continue to serve in that capacity for 2023.  Romacker originated the concept and project initiation of the game-changing Neulasta® on-body-injector, called Onpro®.

“We are thrilled and honored to have Mathias, a global powerhouse and influential leader in our industry, support our vision of helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies bring products to the market to impact and enhance patients’ lives,” stated Evan Edwards, Chief Innovation Officer at Kymanox.

Romacker was previously employed by both operating pharmaceutical companies as well as suppliers to the industry, and his profound understanding of both perspectives enables him to identify strong market opportunities for combination products. As an industry leader, he offers significant expertise in several areas including, but not limited to:

  • Combination Products and Device Strategy
  • Device Portfolio Management
  • Executive Leadership and Business Development
  • Pharmaceutical and Device Packaging

“Mathias truly exemplifies what Kymanox is all about, and we are honored to have him join our work family as our first ever California-based team member,” said Stephen M. Perry, CEO and Founder of Kymanox. “Clients and partners alike will benefit significantly from his added strategic advice and strong industry network.”

Romacker holds a Graduate Degree in Economics from Freiburg University in Germany.