Medical Cannabis: How It Can Help Treat Chronic Pain

Medical Cannabis

Doctors, scientists, and healthcare experts around the world are all coming out in open support of Cannabis. You don’t have to be a genius to see that it holds a lot of promise as a treatment for chronic pain among other things. Individuals who are suffering from physical and mental ailments can use it.

If you are interested in using Cannabis to treat pain or any other health condition then you need to spend some time learning about and researching it. All decisions you make relative to your health should be rooted in careful research.

Here’s how to treat chronic pain with Cannabis:

Obtaining a Permit

Until you have obtained a medical marijuana card, using the drug to treat chronic pain might not be legal. Fortunately, marijuana has been legalized in most American states and fully in Canada. In states where a medical marijuana card is required for use, you need to have provable health problems. If the physician you speak to when requesting a permit does not believe that your problems warrant a marijuana permit then you could end up being prescribed another medicine or advised upon an alternative course of treatment. But if you’re interested in obtaining marijuana legally, you can explore the option of a dispensary delivery near me.

Going ahead and using marijuana without a permit if it is not legal where you live can get you into trouble and is therefore inadvisable. Something to note about street marijuana is that it is often sprayed with artificial chemicals and fertilizers in order to make it more potent and grow quicker; avoid buying street marijuana for this reason. You can save yourself the hassle of obtaining a permit by moving to a state where it is legalized for recreational use. Recreational marijuana use is something you can do without anybody’s approval in a state where it is legal.

Researching Strains

If treating pain with Cannabis was as easy as just obtaining a permit then everybody would do it. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more complicated. One of the first things you need to do if you are planning on using Cannabis for medicinal purposes is research strains. Unless you know about the different strains and sub-strains treating your health problems will be impossible. Certain strains are better for specific health conditions than others. It should be noted that if you are treating anxiety in addition to chronic pain (as the conditions often overlap) then you need to avoid marijuana with high THC content).

Another important thing that you need to know is that just because you have found a strain that you think you can use to treat your health issues doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to find it in the store. Marijuana dispensaries are notorious for having their own unique strains, homegrown. If there is a specific dispensary you plan on shopping with rather than consulting a compendium of marijuana strains, reach out to them via email and ask for their advice. If they have their own in-house strains they will be able to recommend one that’s suitable for treating your problems.

Consulting Physician

Depending on the severity of your pain, you might need to consult a physician before you can begin taking marijuana. Some drugs interact with marijuana and cause unwanted, adverse reactions. If you have chronic pain, then there is a likelihood that you are taking painkillers already. The best way to find out whether or not marijuana is suitable for mixing with the painkillers you are currently using to treat your pain is to speak to your doctor. Bear in mind if you are taking opioids to treat pain then marijuana consumption can result in an intense high.

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Moderate Use

Marijuana use can be addictive. More people than ever are smoking it which makes it hard to determine whether or not the drug is as addictive as others because people tend not to quit. The average marijuana user will tell you it is not addictive if asked, however. Make sure that you only use it moderately and not as a crutch. If you cannot get through the day without smoking marijuana then you have a problem. If you find that it does not help you in any way then do not be ashamed to stop using it.

Alternative Products

There are many marijuana derivatives that you can use instead of dried marijuana flowers. The chemical that’s responsible for marijuana’s high is called THC. Another chemical found deep within the plant’s genetic makeup called CBD is non-psychoactive and very good for you. You can find pure CBD products in most health food stores and dispensaries across the country. Individuals interested in benefiting from marijuana without experiencing a high are recommended to turn to CBD. CBD is an affordable and widely available chemical making it great for all people, regardless of income.

Street Marijuana

A lot of people in places where marijuana is not legalized turn to street variants of the drug. Unfortunately, most street marijuana is high in artificial chemicals and has trace amounts of fertilizers left over in them from the growing process. Great care goes into the cultivation of legal marijuana; the same cannot be said for illegal weed, however. If you want to use it but it is not legal where you live then move somewhere that it is. Buying it on the street contributes to crime and can get you into trouble not to mention you are putting your health at risk.

Safe Dosage

Very few people have ever overdosed on marijuana and it doesn’t appear that anyone has ever died from a Cannabis overdose. However, you can smoke so much that you end up having a bad trip. If you are planning on using the drug for the first time then you should do your research and figure out how much is the right amount for you; do not gratuitously use marijuana. Make sure that you know much you are comfortable taking and then never exceed that. Overuse can be very bad for your health and cause mental health issues. If you have existing mental health issues, think carefully about using the drug. You may want to talk to a physician before using it if mental health issues are a problem for you.

Marijuana is great for treating pain. If you want to use it then you need a permit and to find the strain that’s right for you; you should not have trouble doing either of these things. Make sure that you research the drug before taking it just so you can be sure it is right for you. If you can then try to buy organic Cannabis as it is much better for you and contains fewer chemicals.