Thursday, December 8, 2022

Mediland Launches an Advanced Surgical Table and Surgical Light

Mediland, (Asia) today announced the launch of a novel C800 electro-hydraulic operating table and SunLED Series surgical light were born with the theme “Feel in Control”, both with high-end features, allowing surgeons to have a better operation experience and enhancing the working experience.

Mediland C800 Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table: The highlight of Mediland’s new surgical table is its embedded new intelligent speed control system: Cartos Force, the fully digitalized driving function for the hydraulic system that enables the medical staff to precisely maneuver the table for flexible patient positions with the desired speed. Moreover, compared with ordinary tables, the system is able to decrease the auto-leveling time by 30%, reducing the vibration and providing patients with a comfortable and careful surgery experience even in emergencies. Through the compound movements achieved by Cartos Force, C800 is able to return the table and patient to the level position in the most versatile and ergonomically correct manner.

SunLED Series: Manifesting the theme Feel in Control into surgical light, SunLED offers multiple solutions for intuitive control and adjustments; its special gesture mode (touch-free control) grants the surgeon to change any mode and light pattern in a most prompt way as well as reduces infection risk and compiles with hygiene. Furthermore, the four intelligent modes of light patterns provide surgeons convenient settings for different surgery needs.

“We see the demands of surgical equipment from the rise of diseases globally, and we listen to the feedback from our partnered hospitals. Thus, the new series of products are developed to provide clinicians a more convenient and better operating environment.” – Robin Chen, General Manager at Mediland.

Mediland* notes the newly designed surgical table and surgical light showcase Mediland’s mission: create a better healthcare for tomorrow. Elevating the healthcare environment ensures everyone possesses high-quality medical rights. It is essential to optimize the operating room with technologically advanced equipment for surgeons to perform surgical procedures with higher efficiency and achieve better surgical outcomes.

Live-Stream Product Launch: Despite facing the severe challenge in the past year, Mediland continues to listen to feedback from the industry and internalize it as the energy of research & development to the unique benefits of products to reshape the standard definition of refined products for users. Mediland is welcoming all the health professionals to join the free and exclusive live-stream event on March 10th. Individuals can easily sign up and be a part of the exclusive launch of the new series of surgical light: SunLED and operating table: C800 electro-hydraulic surgical table.

*Established in 1984, Mediland is one of the leading medical equipment manufacturers. From the beginning being the agent of worldwide leading medical equipment suppliers transformed to the operating room equipment manufacturer, Mediland now have reached a solid distribution network with over 150 partners worldwide.

With decades of professional medical equipment expertise, Mediland is focusing on the core of operation room (OR) with a wide range product portfolio including surgical light, surgical table, surgical table accessories, operation room integration systems, pendant systems, and innovated disinfection systems – Hyper Light Disinfection Robot.

Mediland currently develops and manufactures in Taiwan and China. Carrying out with its spirit ” Commitment, Service Orientation and Dedication”, Mediland is an important partner for the healthcare industry.

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