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MedX Health Corp. Announces Regulatory Clearance for its SIAscopy Medical Devices in New Zealand

2/28/18: MedX Health Corp. (“MedX”) (TSX-V: MDX) announced today it has received regulatory clearance from the New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices safety authority (Medsafe WAND) to sell its SIAscope medical device in New Zealand.

MedX Health Corp Completes the Design Phase of its Telemedicine Platform

Regarding this new milestone, Robert von der Porten, President and Chief Executive Officer of MedX commented, “We are very excited about reaching this important milestone with Blanc Labs as we believe that this telemedicine platform is a game-changer for MedX and its growth trajectory, and ultimately for people – no matter where they live – who will be able to get their moles and lesions accurately assessed by a dermatologist without having to endure lengthy wait times to determine if there is cancer present."