Microneedling Patches: What are they (and how do they work)?

Microneedling Patches: What are they (and how do they work)?

Loved by the likes of Jennifer Anniston and Kim K, microneedling is one of the biggest trends in the skincare industry. But are there ways of accessing the benefits of microneedling without the hefty fees (or the risks or shady at-home treatments)?

Microneedling patches might be the answer: offering effective treatment without the risk. Read on to know more about Microneedling: what it is, how it works, and how microneedling patches can solve some of the pain points associated with traditional treatments.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a skincare method that involves puncturing the skin with hundreds of tiny needles. If that sounds awful, it’s not as bad as you think — most needles are less than a millimetre long. The purpose of microneedline is to create tiny traumas to your skin, initiating a healing process. With this healing process comes the growth of new cells, collagen, and elastin: all the things that give our skin that youthful, bouncy texture. Think of this process as similar to the way we build strength at the gym: by working a muscle hard we create tiny tears, and these tears heal to create stronger muscles! Another reason for using microneedling is to get past the skin barrier, allowing for deeper penetration of skincare ingredients!

What are the benefits of Microneedling? 

There are plenty of benefits associated with microneedling. Microneedling has been studied and shown to have benefits for;

Unfortunately, there are also several drawbacks to traditional microneedling methods. Microneedling in a clinical environment can tend towards being prohibitively expensive, meaning that customers sometimes aren’t able to access treatment.

On the other hand, at home microneedling tools (which you might have seen advertised on instagram) pose several safety risks to the consumer. These devices, which usually look like needles attached to a cylinder that can be rolled across the face, need to be completely sterilised between each use — otherwise you could be put at risk for infection or irritation. Popular influencers can also tend to trivialise the dangers presented by these devices, and information on proper use and sterilisation can be hard to come by. For this reason, microneedling at home is not a great idea.

How do microneedling patches differ from standard microneedling? 

Unlike other forms of clinical or at-home microneedling, microneedling patches like the ESK Care Ageless Patches are completely disposable and designed for one-time use. What’s more, they contain tiny, dissolvable needles made of Hyaluronic acid: meaning that they combine microneedling with the power of active ingredients. This helps to create a safer experience for users, and get those powerful ingredients deep into the skin!

How do microneedling patches work? 

In a dissolving microneedle patch, the microneedles dissolve in the skin within minutes, thereby delivering the ingredients contained in them. There are fewer studies of dissolving microneedle patches, so the data isn’t as robust as for in clinic procedures. Dissolving microneedles are very well tolerated, super easy to use and we rarely see any issues with them.

To learn more about the power of microneedling patches, check out the range from ESK Care today.


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