Mindray Expands Its Cardiac Biomarker Portfolio with Cutting-Edge hs-cTnI and NT-proBNP Assays, Empowering Enhanced Cardiovascular Diseases Care

Mindray (SZSE: 300760), a global leader in medical devices and solutions, introduces high-sensitivity troponin I (hs-cTnI) and NT-proBNP cardiac biomarkers. The additions have enhanced Mindray’s diverse portfolio of cardiac biomarkers for cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) diagnosis and management.

While CVDs are the leading cause of death worldwide, early detection is key in saving lives. Guidelines recommend the use of cTnl and NT-proBNP as essential biomarkers for suspected Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) and heart failure in early screening, risk stratification, rapid diagnosis, and therapeutic monitoring.

The two assays are the collaborative effort of Mindray and HyTest, a Mindray company and a prominent global provider of antibodies and antigens. HyTest, renowned for its cardiac biomarker expertise, had its cardiac troponin complex material selected as the international troponin standard by AACC in 2004.

Validated by Wuhan Asian Heart Hospital in China and Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute in the U.S., both assays showcase outstanding clinical performance.

Mindray hs-cTnI Assay: reliable myocardial injury detection with a high detection rate and a low CV

Mindray’s hs-cTnI assay far surpasses the minimum requirements for hs-cTn by achieving a remarkable 93% detection rate between LoD and 99th URL and an imprecision CV below 5% at the 99th URL. This demonstrates the assay’s exceptional sensitivity, precision, and reliability in detecting myocardial injury. Furthermore, a 0-2h diagnostic algorithm study conducted at the Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute further supports its effectiveness in diagnosing and managing cardiac conditions within this crucial timeframe.

Mindray NT-proBNP Assay with high precision and strong anti-interference capacity  

NT-proBNP is an established cardiac marker for heart failure and its management. Mindray’s NT-proBNP assay demonstrates high precision with a CV of ≤5% and effectively minimizes interference from 55 common medications for heart diseases, proving its reliability for heart failure detection and management.

“Through integrating HyTest’s pioneering antibodies and research on cardiac biomarkers with Mindray’s advanced reagent technology and platform, we will deliver more reliable solutions that bring improved patient outcomes in the field of cardiovascular diseases and beyond,” said Dr. Jianwen He, Chief Scientific Officer of Mindray IVD.

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