Successful in vivo Pilot Study of MOBYBOX™ by Minnesota Resuscitation Consortium (MRC), Which is Developing a ‘Super Ambulance’ Equipped to Advance Cardiac Arrest Treatment

Hemovent GmbH announced today that its next-generation ECMO (ExtraCorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) system, MOBYBOX, has been validated in a pilot in vivo study by Minnesota Resuscitation Consortium, which is designing a ‘super ambulance’ that will be equipped with the latest technology to advance treatment of cardiac-arrest emergency patients.

A ‘super ambulance’ will be equipped with vascular and cardiac imaging, such as fluoroscopy and echocardiography, 3D immersion telemedicine capability, as well as heart/lung bypass technology, such as MOBYBOX, in order to pare precious minutes off the time it takes for a heart attack or respiratory failure patient to be treated. The ‘super ambulance’ program is being led by cardiologist Demetri Yannopoulos, M.D., professor of medicine, interventional cardiologist, and director of the Center for Resuscitation Medicine at the University of Minnesota.

“Being asked by Dr. Yannopoulos to include MOBYBOX in his ‘mobile ECMO’ concept underscores the potential commercial opportunity for MOBYBOX, which is positioned to disrupt a billion-dollar international market whose standard therapy is complex to use, costly to purchase, and not really portable,” said Christof Lenz, a co-founder and CEO of Hemovent.

Hemovent has previously announced it has successfully completed a GLP standardized in vivo study for long-term (7 days) use of its MOBYBOX system, designed for a wide range of indications: from ExtraCorporeal Life Support (ECLS) to ExtraCorporeal CO2 Removal (ECCO2R).

Hemovent is an emerging medical device company with a proprietary platform technology for heart and lung support. Its first product, MOBYBOX, is a self-contained, fully integrated ExtraCorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) / ExtraCorporeal Life Support (ECLS) device designed with an ultimate focus on safety, ease of use, mobility, and performance in order to support or replace heart and lung function in the event of cardiac and/or respiratory failure.

CAUTION: The Hemovent ECMO/ ECLS System is not approved for human use yet.

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