Most Difficult Items to Move When Relocating the House


Moving is a painful and stressful event that drains out all your energy. We all have moved at least once in our lifetimes and know the pain of packing and transporting all those unlimited items that we have gathered through life. People move homes for different reasons; while this change can be good for some, others move due to some unavoidable circumstances like job transfer and/or financial constraints. No matter what are your reasons behind a move, transporting your stuff from one place to another is a daunting task. When we talk about packing, all we think of is, cardboard boxes full of household goods but often forget the pain of moving and carrying large items. Experienced nationwide movers in the network of Pricing Van Lines explain that some items need special care and attention during the move and those are as follows.

Fragile Items

Fragile items include artwork, chinaware, glassware, and family heirlooms that possess sentimental values too. These items may not be very heavy and hard to carry but they are very difficult to handle as a small jerk can spoil the whole piece. Fragile items need extra care during the packing process too. It is important to use the right packing material to pack these items. Make sure you fill in all empty spaces with packing paper or towels to keep the fragile items secure. Make sure your movers use bubble wraps and blister packs to provide extra cushioning to fragile items.

Fish Tanks

A fish tank or aquarium is another item that needs a lot of extra care during the moving process. While fishes find it hard to survive the disruption that occurs during the move, also, the change in temperature puts their life at risk. Though it is highly recommended to donate your fish or free them into a canal, the following are some tips to follow if you do not want to get away from them.

  • Make sure you transfer your fish and some water to a holding container and keep some bacteria colony too. Dispose of the remaining water. This step is mandatory as it is easy to handle an empty glass tank.
  • The water filter should be moved to a chemical-free container.
  • Prefer moving your fish by your car rather than keeping them in the moving truck.

Sports/Musical Equipment

Sports and musical equipment are either heavy or delicate. For instance, while a piano is very heavy to handle, strings of a guitar need extra care while packing and moving. While it is very difficult to disassemble home gym equipment, carrying those heavy dumbbells is no easy task either. Make sure your hire labor to handle, carry and move these heavy items. Hiring professionals is mandatory to avoid physical injuries, damages, and many other complications.

Sharp Objects and Firearms

While it is hard to handle and pack sharp objects like knives, moving weapons and firearms to another state may need some special permits. Make sure you have all the needed documents and licenses to hold your possessed weapons and learn about all the compliance related to them.

Heavy Furniture

Packing, handling, loading, and unloading furniture are the most difficult tasks of the moving process. Heavy wardrobes, beds, and sofas are not only heavy but are hard to carry due to their uneven structure. It is wise to hire skilled labor to handle and move such heavy items as they need expert care. These items need open space to move and even if we disassemble some of these items, it gets difficult to reassemble them without proper guidance. For hassle-free transportation of heavy furniture, consider utilizing the services offered at, ensuring secure and cost-effective delivery.


Innocent plants also come under the list of difficult items when it comes to moving. You might be thinking that there cannot be anything problematic about plants but that is not true. You will be astonished at the number of problems that you may face while moving plants. While some plants are highly sensitive to winters, others may not be able to tolerate direct sunlight. Most plants are sensitive to sudden climatic changes. So it is important to wrap plants in extra layers of packing paper if moving in winters and to water them properly if moving in the summer heat. Make sure you let extra water evaporate before packing your plants. Also, it is important to know about the list of plants that are not allowed in your destination state as certain plants are not allowed to move to some particular states.


Packing and moving a television set is extremely difficult as a small push can damage the delicate screen. It is wise to let the experts do the job and pack your television properly. It is highly recommended to move your television in the car if you are moving locally but for a long-distance move, either pack your television in its original packing or use moving blankets with extra layers of packing balloons to keep and safeguard the screen.