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NICO Corporation Secures New Patent Approvals Supporting Neurosurgical Brain Access Solutions

NICO Corporation continues steady growth of its patent portfolio with the issuance of two new key patents this week supporting its surgical access system and the system’s assembly and method of use in minimally invasive neurosurgery.

NICO currently holds over 250 issued or pending patents, with 60 focusing solely on safe and repeatable non-disruptive access through eloquent areas of the brain with NICO BrainPath®, efficient removal of tumors and clots down a small corridor using the NICO Myriad®, and collection and biological preservation of tumor tissue in the operating room with the Automated Preservation System®.

“Protecting our intellectual property has always been a top priority for NICO,” said Jim Pearson, president and CEO of NICO Corporation. “Our technologies comprise an integrated systems approach to brain surgery that is creating new realities for neurosurgeons. The published evidence associated with our technologies suggest improved surgical outcomes, giving patients new-found hope.”

Pearson added that these two new patent approvals related to safe access to all regions of the brain are key to protecting the company’s unique and revolutionary intellectual property. “We take IP protection of our innovative technologies very seriously and are proud of our proactive approach to protecting the technical advantages our tools offer neurosurgeons and healthcare providers.”

NICO technologies have been featured in more than 170 peer-reviewed published papers with over 550 unique authors from major academic centers. The company is also the sponsor of ENRICH, a 300-patient $10 million randomized controlled clinical trial that seeks to compare outcomes between minimally invasive early surgical intervention of intracerebral hemorrhage clot removal exclusively using NICO technologies and the current medical management standard of care.

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