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    NICO Corporation, formed in 2007, is an Indianapolis-based leader in modern interventional technologies used in a new way of performing less invasive brain surgery. We are an outcomes-based company dedicated to revolutionizing minimally invasive neurosurgery through a new approach using the natural folds of the brain as a path to the surgical site. The approach respects the fiber tracts and critical structures of the brain by integrating a combination of standardized technologies to achieve non-disruptive access to the surgical site with BrainPath, automated tumor removal and clot evacuation with Myriad, and intraoperative collection and preservation of all tumor tissue that may enable more precise and consistent evaluation, potentially leading to immuno-oncology and other personalized medicine options. The combination of using standardized technologies and a standardized surgical approach has resulted in 55 published papers and abstracts with evidence showing improved clinical outcomes in both tumor removal and intracerebral hemorrhage. This evidence has also earned the technology and surgical approach a place on the April 2017 cover of Neurosurgery, one of the industry’s most respected medical industry journals. NICO has been issued hundreds of patents on its technologies used in the BrainPath Approach to neurosurgery. BrainPath is FDA-cleared for use in accessing metastatic brain cancer, intracerebral hemorrhages, glioblastoma multiforme, skull base and intraventricular abnormalities. More than 7,000 BrainPath procedures and 16,000 Myriad procedures have been completed to date in the United States, Canada and now in Europe.