Non-Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Starts Using Photobiomodulation to Treat Intubated COVID-19 Patients

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May 27, 2020

Non-Pharmaceutical clinical trial started by researchers in Brazil using Multi Radiance Medical super pulsed laser therapy technology as an adjunctive means to improve critical care for COVID-19 patients is underway.

Approved by the Ministry of Health in Brazil, a group of international physicians and scientists are in the early stages of data collection utilizing Multi Radiance Medical’s handheld super pulsed laser therapy devices to improve the condition of patients.

The study, the first of its kind to utilize light therapy for COVID-19 patient recovery, will evaluate the respiratory muscle function and levels of inflammation during intubation. There is a profound effect seen following a brief exposure to multi-wavelength light on muscle fatigue.

Coordinated by Drs. Fabio Francio, Ernesto Leal-Junior, and Thiago DeMarchi, the trial aims to use low level laser therapy for general improvement of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in intensive care units by decreasing the length of hospitalization of these patients through improving ventilation and immune response, and decreasing inflammation.

Previous work done by Leal-Junior and his team at the Laboratory of Phototherapy and Innovative Technology (LaPIT) on human performance enhancement with light sparked interest in the researchers at the Hospital Tacchini located in Bento Gonçalves – RS (Brazil).

“Prior trials have successfully demonstrated improvement in lung function in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients. The hospital contacted us due to the solid and robust outcomes published in many randomized clinical trials using Multi Radiance technology,” says Leal-Junior.

Multi Radiance has over 30 peer-reviewed, published studies validating its technology as safe and effective for pain relief and accelerated recovery. The company has a history of innovation, participating in trials and securing patents in fibromyalgia, neurology, ophthalmology, and now immunology with this new clinical trial.

“This pandemic has impacted us all greatly. Multi Radiance is excited to partake in a trial that could become a piece of the critical care solution for COVID-19 patients,” says Founder and CEO Max Kanarsky.



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