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Novālent is HACCP Certified

December 9, 2020

Novālent reports its facilities are Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified.

“Earning the GMP/HACCP certification in our manufacturing plant is a competitive advantage. This is a big deal when it comes to adding another layer of food safety for our food and beverage customers. In today’s world where there is a heightened awareness for food protection, this certification becomes extremely valuable to the entire food chain.” Mike Motta, Chief Commercial Officer at Novālent, explains.

HACCP certification is an internationally recognized list of requirements established by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Global Food Safety Initiatives (GFSI) standards.

Achieving the certification confirms a company employs effective control of food safety throughout its processes. The principles of this certification are often used to update food safety legislation in countries around the world.

Novālent was assisted in this achievement by Darryle Guarino, CEO at GFSC Group, Inc. who says going through this process is indicative of a modern biochemical company’s dedication to safety.

“Spending time on this certification—and it is a significant time and resources investment—is indicative of a company seeking to modernize its approach to food safety requirements.”

Novālent film technology is for use as a residual antimicrobial under EPA and FDA regulations to preserve food contact surfaces and is used by leading firms including PepsiCo, Sabra, and Pilgrims. Novālent antimicrobial creates an invisible film that stays active and anchored through day to day operations. One application lasts up to 90 days and through multiple cleaning cycles. The company also offers a hand sanitizer.

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