Novel Biomedical Analysis Platform to Drive Innovation in Clinical Diagnostics and Drug Discovery Research Launches

Xenter, Inc. Appoints 4 Industry Leaders to Board of Directors; Closes $12M Series A

Xenter’s first product, which the company will announce shortly, is a medical device that not only combines the function of multiple existing devices but will also revolutionize the field of interventional medicine by producing valuable Physical Intelligence™ data and enabling advanced Artificial Intelligence solutions, leading to improved patient outcomes while reducing the cost, complexity and invasiveness of cardiac procedures.

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Harold Hill Joins NeuX Technologies as Director of Corporate Accounts

Harold Hill is a retired Special Forces Medic, serving 26 years, and led the medical department for a Special Missions Unit within the United States Special Operations Command

November 14, 2020

Novel biomedical analysis platform to drive innovation in clinical diagnostics and drug discovery research has been launched. The news was announced by Newomics. The new Microflow-nanospray Electrospray Ionization (MnESI) Source offers unmatched sensitivity, robustness and reproducibility for small-volume, high-throughput analysis of antibodies, proteins, nucleic acids and lipids derived from cells and human plasma.

Co-marketed with Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science, the plug-and-play MnESI Source works by rapidly delivering small amounts of samples to the award-winning Newomics® M3 multinozzle emitters, which are coupled with Thermo Scientific Orbitrap mass spectrometers. Researchers can now rely on the new platform for the timely identification of thousands of molecules in a multitude of tiny biological samples, while also taking advantage of the system’s superior nanoflow sensitivity and low detection limits. Ultimately, the MnESI Source enables significantly improved mass spectrometry performance.

“Driven by a common purpose to meet the unmet needs of our biopharmaceutical and clinical research customers, Thermo Fisher has been working with Newomics to provide technologies to effectively ionize and introduce oligonucleotides, protein complexes and viral particles under native conditions,” said Andreas Huhmer, Ph.D., Senior Director of Vertical Marketing for Proteomics and Metabolomics at Thermo Fisher. “The new MnESI Source has been designed to do just that, working seamlessly with and expanding the application range of our leading Orbitrap mass spectrometers.”

“We are excited to expand our successful collaboration and co-marketing activities with Thermo Fisher, initiated in 2019 when we joined forces for the commercialization of our breakthrough Newomics® M3 emitter,” said Daojing Wang, Ph.D., Newomics Founder and CEO. “The new MnESI Source directly addresses several key pain points in mass spectrometry analysis of native proteins, protein complexes and oligonucleotides, and opens up new opportunities for biopharmaceutical and clinical research and development.”

Newomics® M3 emitter is the first commercial multinozzle emitter for mass spectrometry, and it works much like a showerhead that splits a bigger flow evenly to multiple smaller flows. This flow-splitting capability improves the ionization efficiency, ensuring each molecule in the sample is detected by the mass spectrometer. Most recently, the emitter has been used in antibody-based drug development and blood-based clinical diagnostics research at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. and the University of Lausanne respectively.



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