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Saturday, April 1, 2023

German Federal Ministry of Education and Research Awards Grants to Gund a Clinical Trial for LISA Laser Innovated “Novel Treatment of Urolithiasis”

On the 26th of August 2022, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research selected a “novel approach for the treatment of urolithiasis” for funding (Grant No. 13GW0628).

Urolithiasis (urinary stone formation) is a common disease affecting about 12% of the global population. Consequently, urolithiasis is a widespread disease with significant socioeconomic impact and is relevant to healthcare in terms of society and health policy.

LISA Laser Products GmbH, an OmniGuide Company located in Germany, innovated a novel optical feedback technology (iSTONE™) which significantly reduced the energy applied to the kidney in a porcine animal model. This again reduces the incident heat load and temperature increase in the kidney and protects the organ from permanent postoperative damage. The animal study showed a remarkable reduction of the applied energy and risk to the kidney’s damage of more than 50% compared to the Gold Standard Holmium Therapy. Therefore, there is an extremely high societal demand for this minimally invasive technology.

“We are confident that we will also observe these achievements in the funded human study which starts in September. Our unique approach keeps up our patient-focussed mission and will set new standards in laser-assisted lithotripsy,” stated Dr. Lamrini, Global Director R&D and Digital Innovation.

M.T. Henderson, CEO OmniGuide Holdings stated, “Innovation is the driving force behind Dr. Lamrini’s life’s work and leadership. Our Digital Innovation Institute employs an exceptional team of developers and some of the most talented engineers and specialists who continue to create groundbreaking technology to advance patient care.”

“Without doubt we strongly agree with the pursuit of reducing intraoperative complications,” says M.T. Henderson. “We are grateful to the German Federal Ministry for their support and ongoing commitment to patient care.”

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