NST002 Phase IIa Study (ALS) Promising Results Continue Reports NeuroSense

November 18, 2020

NST002 Phase IIa Study: NeuroSense Therapeutics continues to report promising trends in their NST002 Phase IIa study, conducted in Israel at Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (TASMC). Following 9-months of treatment with PrimeC, preliminary trends seen at the interim analysis continue to show promise.

Dr. Shiran Zimri, Head of the Scientific Program at NeuroSense, states: “Following 9 months of treatment we see that the positive trend in patients’ respiratory function has continued, as indicated by higher than expected average FVC, correlating with the respiratory section of the ALSFRS-R. Additionally, a majority of the patients showed a reduced deterioration in ALSFRS-R score. Prof. Vivian Drory, the study’s Principal Investigator (PI), who sees the patients at each of their clinic visits, has voiced optimism from these results as they have exceeded her expectations”.

The study is set to be completed in January of 2021, following 12-months dosing. All patients participating in the study have already requested to continue with the treatment following its completion.

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