NuVasive’s MaXcess Retractor Published Study in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine Further Validates Prone, Single-Position Lateral Interbody Fusion


October 5, 2020

Results of the study, “Single-position prone lateral approach: cadaveric feasibility study and early clinical experience,” in The Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine, which features NuVasive’s MaXcess retractor and further validates prone, single-position lateral interbody fusion was announced today.

“As the global leader in lateral spine surgery, NuVasive remains committed to developing comprehensive, procedural solutions that provide a truly patient-specific and optimized surgical outcome,” said Massimo Calafiore, senior vice president and general manager of NuVasive’s spine business unit. “This study adds to the growing body of evidence validating the NuVasive MaXcess retractor’s ability to perform lateral surgery in a variety of approaches, including prone position. Further, it highlights the utility of this approach, as well as its limitations, as not all patients were able to be treated in the prone position, and underscores the value of NuVasive’s X360 system—which offers a complete solution for our surgeon partners.”

The paper details a two-part study of prone, single-position lateral interbody fusion: the first provides cadaveric feasibility data to the lateral approach with the patient in the prone position, and the second explores the initial clinical experience of prone, single-position lumbar interbody fusion at two centers. A total of eight levels were treated in the cadaveric specimens, without any visceral, vascular or endplate violations noted. In the clinical series, 11 of 12 patients were able to be treated with prone, single-position lateral interbody fusion successfully, with no endplate violations or resultant subsidence. The one patient who could not have a successful prone, single-position lateral interbody fusion was converted to a single-position lateral interbody fusion procedure without incident. This study builds upon previous literature validating the prone position using NuVasive’s MaXcess retractor, a key tool in the Company’s X360™ system, and represents the largest clinical series published to date describing outcomes of prone position for a lateral approach. The authors concluded that prone positioning, in select patients, is a safe and reproducible alternative that can increase efficiency and decrease operative time.

“Prone positioning for a lateral approach presents an exciting opportunity for streamlining surgical access to the lumbar spine and facilitating a more efficient surgical solution with potential clinical and economic advantages for certain patients,” said Juan Uribe, MD, chief of the division of spinal disorders at Barrow Neurological Institute in Arizona. “As a long time XLIF user, I am grateful for NuVasive‘s leadership in developing single-position procedural technologies that support a variety of positions and span the entire patient care continuum.”