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Oncimmune Holdings Reports Autoantibody Profiling Program Agreement Signed with ImmunoINSIGHTS, World-Leading BioPharm Company


September 2, 2020

Oncimmune Holdings plc is a global immunodiagnostics group.

Oncimmune Holdings reported today that they signed an autoantibody profiling collaboration with a leading global biopharmaceutical company with extensive experience in developing novel immune checkpoint inhibitors (“CPIs”) (the “Agreement”).

The program, which is scheduled to complete in Q2 2021, will evaluate the autoantibody profiles from patient samples collected in a clinical trial of a CPI. Such profiling is expected to enable the biopharmaceutical partner to identify better the groups of patients likely to both tolerate a particular CPI treatment and also those whose disease is likely to respond positively to that treatment.

Under the Agreement, Oncimmune will be utilizing its proprietary biomarker discovery engine, SeroTag®, to identify tumor-associated antibody markers that are predictive of response and immune-related adverse events. SeroTag is a high-throughput, multiplex technology based on one of the largest in-house protein libraries, as well as a unique, ever-growing repository of disease data for indications including, autoimmune diseases and cancer. Oncimmune is helping to address a number of challenges faced by drug developers for the successful development and broader application of both cancer immunotherapies and treatments for autoimmune diseases.

This is the fourth partnership agreement signed with a top ten biopharmaceutical company in less than four months and further demonstrates the potential of Oncimmune’s unique technology and immune expertise to assist in the development of new and safer oncology treatments. It also underlines the success and growing momentum of Oncimmune’s partnering strategy for ImmunoINSIGHTS.

The aim of the pilot is to further validate the power of Oncimmune’s ImmunoINSIGHTS offering, ahead of signing a significantly larger partnership agreement in profiling patients on a range of immuno-oncology clinical trials.

Adam M Hill, CEO of Oncimmune said: “We are pleased to announce this partnership between our ImmunoINSIGHTS business and another world-leading biopharmaceutical company. The momentum we are building with the world’s largest companies in the pharmaceutical industry is a testament to the value that collaboration with Oncimmune can bring to their development programs. Through these recent agreements, we look forward to further demonstrating the potential of ImmunoINSIGHTS to have a tangible and complementary impact on immuno-oncology clinical trial outcomes.”


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