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Tuesday, June 6, 2023



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Orthofix Announces US and European Full Market Launch of OSCAR PRO System for Removal of Cement During Complex Joint Revision Surgeries

Orthofix Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ:OFIX), a global medical device company with a spine and orthopedics focus, today announced the U.S. and European full market launch of the OSCAR PRO Ultrasonic Arthroplasty Revision System.

Designed to reduce the challenges associated with revising failed cemented arthroplasties, the OSCAR PRO is an ultrasonic surgical system that aids in the removal of cement during complex joint revision surgeries.

“The OSCAR PRO system is a fourth-generation product from the OSCAR line that has been the gold standard in assisting with complex joint revision surgeries since 1990,” said Orthofix President of Global Orthopedics Paul Gonsalves. “The technology is well accepted and has been used successfully for decades in removing cement total joint arthroplasties and aiding cementless prosthesis removal. We are pleased to continue to bring new innovations to the market to assist surgeons in performing these often challenging procedures.”

This next-generation product brings a technology platform to the market that extends functionalities beyond the original OSCAR system. The design includes an enhanced user interface to enable a more efficient surgical experience and new data collection capabilities.

Over time, joint replacements may fail and need surgical revision. Removing the implant can be challenging due to the need to efficiently remove the cement adhering the device to the bone. Traditional techniques for cement removal have included the use of drills, burrs, curettes and osteotomes. Mechanical removal through these methods can be difficult and time-consuming. The OSCAR PRO system uses ultrasonic vibrations to soften the cement holding the implant in place. The system also contains tools that enable the surgeon to remove the softened cement using specially designed probes.

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