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Owen Mumford Acquires Empelvic

Owen Mumford Acquires Empelvic

Owen Mumford

Owen Mumford, a global leader in innovative medical device solutions, has announced the acquisition of pelvic floor cushion brand Empelvic, bolstering the company’s pelvic and sexual health portfolio with accessible solutions designed to help consumers treat conditions at their own pace.

Treatment of Pelvic Issues

With more people becoming hesitant at seeing a doctor for intimate health conditions it suggests that they are looking to treat pelvic and sexual health conditions at home, therefore the need for accessible and user-friendly products that support at-home treatment has never been more important[i]. With over 70 years of experience developing medical devices and pioneering several world-first technologies, Owen Mumford is expanding its offering to provide a comprehensive range of products covering multiple therapeutic areas but connected by a guiding mission to reimagine consumers’ approaches to intimate health.

Empelvic Was Established in Denmark

Previously a winner of the ‘Healthy Life’ category in the 2020 Danish Design Awards, Empelvic was established in Denmark by Midwife Gry Senderovitz and Entrepreneur Michael Severinsen and exists to provide an accessible and easy way to connect with your pelvic floor and improve your pelvic health. A non-invasive device, the shape is ergonomically designed to connect with the pelvic floor – with individual shapes for men and women. When sat on, the cushion helps to increase awareness of the pelvic floor and makes it easier to connect with the individual pelvic muscles, helping to engage them to train their strength gently and without harm. The device also helps people to relax their pelvic floor, in turn helping to treat a hypertonic pelvic floor. The distinctive product, designed to both relax and strengthen, is paired with user-friendly support that teaches how to easily establish, maintain, and strengthen a pelvic floor connection, regardless of age or gender. Empelvic has been created to help treat conditions like stress incontinence, vaginismus and erectile dysfunction by training the pelvic floor muscles[ii].

“The acquisition of Empelvic reinforces our commitment to comprehensive health solutions for intimate conditions,” said Adam Mumford, Director of Medical Devices at Owen Mumford. “By combining Owen Mumford’s global expertise with Empelvic’s innovative product, we aim to provide enhanced support and choices for individuals seeking pelvic health solutions.”

With Empelvic originating from Denmark, this acquisition also brings with it an exciting expansion into the wider Scandinavian territories. Co-founder Gry Senderovitz noted; “As a company with roots in Denmark, this strategic move allows us to leverage Owen Mumford’s extensive reach and resources, ultimately enhancing our ability to serve individuals seeking pelvic health solutions in Scandinavia and beyond. We look forward to the positive impact this acquisition will have on the lives of many as we continue our mission to make a meaningful difference in pelvic health and well-being.”

Empelvic will join Owen Mumford’s existing pelvic and sexual health portfolio alongside its Amielle Comfort and Care vaginal dilators and the Rapport vacuum therapy device, empowering individuals to take control of their pelvic and sexual well-being.

For more information on Empelvic please visit: https://claritistore.de/

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