Palomar Health Launches $100,000 Nurse Incentive and Recruitment Program

Palomar Health
Palomar Health

Palomar Health, the leading healthcare provider in San Diego and one of the World’s Best Hospitals and healthcare systems, has announced the launch of its new RN (registered nurse) $100,000 Incentive Program.

This groundbreaking program is designed to recruit world-class talent to Palomar Health and as well as retaining its existing world-class nursing staff, by offering incentives to them. This unprecedented program will benefit the community by providing patients with the best possible care through a consistent team of the world’s best nurses.

Palomar Health is committed to reimagining the patient experience with the help of its world-class team, raising the bar for its organization, and leading the way with new programs in healthcare, from inside the hospital walls to in the community and beyond.

As part of the RN Incentive program, Palomar Health will award up to $100,000 for all currently employed and newly eligible RNs over a three-year commitment period and a sign-on incentive for all newly hired RNs. With this long-term commitment, Palomar Health’s world-class team will become even more committed to the organization and dedicated to providing extraordinary care and creating better outcomes for each and every patient. It also offers more opportunities to new nurses hoping to join the largest healthcare district in California, while offering an added layer of incentive and appreciation amid a nursing shortage.

In 2020, the California Healthcare Foundation (CHCF) reported that California has a shortfall of approximately 44,500 registered nurses. This resulted in burnout and many leaving the profession due to the pandemic’s impact on their mental and physical health. In addition, according to the American Nurses Association (ANA) reports, the U.S. experienced a shortage of 1.13 million nurses last year, in 2022.

These statistics are what inspired Palomar Health’s executive leadership team to be proactive and find new ways to support RNs with this reward and give growing opportunities within many service lines and full access to state-of-the-art facilities and technology.

“Nurses are such a critical and important part of the healthcare experience, and this program is going to demonstrate our commitment to them,” said CEO of Palomar Health, Diane Hansen. “It doesn’t just say how much we value and appreciate them; it proves it by offering them $100,000 to be part of San Diego’s best and California’s biggest healthcare district. Part of our ‘Reimagining’ brand strategy is reimagining the way we compensate and reward our team. We’re committed to doing things differently, to get the best results for community.”

This program has a limited commitment window for current internal staff that began April 3 to April 21. As for the external window, or to the RN public, people can join the Palomar Health team between April 10 to July 17 and qualify for this compensation. New hire RNs, who start before April 10, will also be eligible for enrollment in the program, only during the April 3 – April 21 window.

“We appreciate all of our nurses and the incredible care they provide to our patients each day. We are hopeful this new recruitment and retention incentive will stabilize and invigorate our nursing workforce, by recruiting world-class nurses to our healthcare system,” says Mel Russell, Chief Nurse Executive at Palomar Health.

With an 800 square-mile service area, Palomar Health is anchored by two world-renowned medical center campuses offering medical services in virtually all fields of medicine; including primary care, cardiovascular care, emergency services, trauma, cancer, orthopedics, women’s health, behavioral health, rehabilitation, pediatrics, neonatal intensive care as well as robotic and bariatric surgery.

Palomar Health’s team of world-class physicians, nurses, technicians and team members all share the common goal of reimagining healthcare by making the patient experience extraordinary and leading healthcare into the future. For more information about Palomar Health and how to apply to its world-class team, please visit