Paragonix Technologies Announces Launch of the Paragonix Web Portal

Providing Users Access to Critical Organ Preservation Data

Paragonix Technologies, Inc. announcing the release of the recently developed Paragonix Web Portal, an accessible support platform that connects with the Paragonix App and donor organ preservation devices to provide transplant teams the ability to digitally participate in live sessions or review historical cases and clinical case data. For the first time, Paragonix App users will have access to all historical case information specific to their account, with the ability to access the data in aggregate in order to make decisions on how to optimize their organ procurement procedures and protocols.
The Paragonix mobile app has received a notable update to provide even greater support to clinical users. By pairing directly to Paragonix donor organ preservation devices with Bluetooth® technology, the app allows transplant teams to easily share vital statistics with the entire team, including organ environment status, location, case status, and team communications. The recent update now implements full session support for the Paragonix LIVERguard™ Donor Liver Preservation System, which launched in late 2021. Additionally, the latest mobile update provides a significant upgrade to user experience. To better suit the flexibility necessary of any transplant case, users may now participate in multiple live sessions simultaneously, or conveniently sign into the same account across multiple devices. The app also boasts a fresh interface and improved user functionality that increases the ability for multiple members to participate and communicate in real-time.
The Paragonix App/Web Portal delivers full support to the suite of Paragonix donor organ preservation devices, giving patients and transplant teams every possible advantage. “Information sharing and data collection during transplant procurements provide critical tools for transplant professionals,” says Dr. Lisa Anderson, CEO of Paragonix. “Paragonix has developed devices that create a stable and consistent temperature environment for organ preservation, and our digital offering is to provide real-time insight to healthcare professionals about the conditions of incredibly valuable donor organ during transport. With the launch of the new Paragonix Web Portal, these same healthcare professionals can now look at historical case data and gain more knowledge on their preservation procedures and protocols. We are excited about the potential of this digital offering to help transplant teams optimize the donation and transplant process.”
“The Paragonix app has allowed our team at Mid-South Transplant Foundation to better coordinate the complicated task of transporting donor organs across great distances,” says Stephanie Stevens, Manager of Organ Recovery at Mid-South Transplant Foundation. “In addition to gaining real time insight into organ environment conditions, we can log important events and coordinate via the chat function. We are looking forward to digging into the data now available to us on the new Paragonix Web Portal to see if we can make any improvements to the preservation and transport process.”