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Carmel-based PathogenX, a medical device company which develops, manufactures, and distributes proprietary technology designed to dramatically simplify the process of medical waste disposal, today announced that full national distribution throughout the United States and Canada is now available for its unique, double-batch, on-site sterilization device, the PX2.

PathogenX’s PX2 is a stand-alone device (about the size of a laser printer) that safely and efficiently renders regulated medical waste (such as sharps) completely sterile, unrecognizable and non-reusable in compliance with all federal EPA, CDC and OSHA standards and guidelines. Each PX2 device is capable of processing up to 10 gallons of medical waste per day.

The PX2 system destroys all microbes, including COVID-19, while melting the biomedical waste so that a resulting “brick” of harmless, sterilized material can be easily disposed of in the standard trash.

The technology is now available throughout the United States and Canada for use by hospitals and health facilities; research centers and laboratories; mortuary and autopsy centers; animal research and testing laboratories; veterinary facilities; blood banks; nursing homes for the elderly; and other health-related venues where blood is drawn.

“It’s rewarding to be able to now provide our PX2 technology on a national level,” said PathogenX CEO Chuck Berkeley. “This technology is ultra-safe and easy-to-use and we see it as a genuine game-changer for doctors, dentists, vets, sports teams, home health care workers, nursing homes, and any other organizations that have been dealing with the expensive and dangerous nuisance of generating modest amounts of medical waste. Especially today, with the ongoing battle against COVID-19, we are proud to provide something to healthcare workers on the front lines that removes the risk-related issues of having to manage contaminated sharps.”

Disposing of medical waste on-site with the PX2 is also considerably less expensive than haul-and-treat services and the company offers its customers financing and lease-to-own options so that the device pays for itself.



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