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Perry Baromedical Acquires Hyperbaric Division of ETC

Perry Baromedical Corporation, (hyperbaric medical device manufacturing for over 58 years) today (February 18, 2020) announced they have acquired the hyperbaric division of Environmental Tectonics Corporation (ETC) of Southampton, PA which manufactures products under the “BARA-MED” brand.

This business unit acquisition advances Perry Baromedical into new international markets and expands the installed base in the US and abroad.  The timing provides a unique opportunity for ETC to divest themselves of a small business unit and allows Perry the opportunity for expansion in Asian Pacific markets.

According to Mary Pat Finn, President/COO of Perry Baromedical, “this was the perfect opportunity for Perry to acquire a specific hyperbaric design which meets the needs of new markets for Perry.  This acquisition will allow Perry to continue to market this brand with existing FDA and international certifications and use the design to expand into newer markets in Asia.

Perry will continue to sell equipment under the “BARA-MED” brand and continue to offer the best in class customer service of all the Baromed installed equipment in the US and globally.  As a company which is focused on quality hyperbaric designs, we want to approach each market with the best product offering to meet the needs of a given healthcare market”.

Perry will provide sales continuity of the Perry brand as well as offer the BARA-MED brand in various markets. With this acquisition, Perry maintains its commitment as the world hyperbaric industry leader.  Perry is the first and only hyperbaric medical device manufacturer to offer over 10 unique styles of hyperbaric designs without compromising quality and choice to meet the needs of patients worldwide.

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