Pharmacy Website Design and App Development

Are you planning to take your pharmacy business online? Develop a website for your pharmacy and expand your customer reach. In an era where competition is at its peak, and the market is saturated with hundreds of online pharmacy businesses, survival becomes challenging.

Partnering with a top-ranking Pharmacy web design and app development company can help. How? They can help you design and build a website for your pharmacy tailored to your specific needs and target audience.

However, before entering the online pharmacy industry, get a detailed idea of the pharmacy website design and development process.

The online pharmacy market was valued at USD 56.15 Billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 240.2 Billion by 2028.

With the surging trend of online shopping and its convenience, everyone looks to shop online for everything they need. Who would want to avoid the convenience of getting everything delivered to the home, be it food, grocery, or medicines?

Besides the comfort of not leaving home, an online pharmacy website offers much more. Here they are:

  • Customers can browse nearby drug stores and their locations online.
  • Check the availability of medicines, and their detailed specifications, including expiry dates.
  • Upload prescriptions and order the drugs directly without searching for them separately.
  • Enjoy discounts and special offers on ordering drugs online.
  • Ask questions about the medicines or any health issue from an expert.
  • Some pharmacy web apps also offer the option for auto refills. It means there is no chance you will ever miss ordering your website before it runs out.
  • Online pharmacy websites offer 24/7 customer service and faster shipping.

What are the different types of Pharmacy websites and applications?

The online pharmacy industry has grown big, offering various pharmacy applications. Each pharmacy web app caters to a different need and offers specific solutions. Here is a list of different pharmacy applications.

E-Commerce Pharmacy Website

E-commerce pharmacy apps enable pharmacy stores to streamline and optimize the process of buying and supplying medicines. Users can upload prescriptions, add drug information, and pay securely.

Prescription Management Apps

Prescription management apps enable patients to track what medication to take and when to take it regularly. Such apps are especially helpful for patients who take many pills in a day, injections, and exercises. Prescription management apps provide reminders, dosage information, and drug interaction alerts.

Drug Information Apps

Drug information apps offer detailed information about medicines, including expiry, dosage instructions, and side effects.

Telemedicine Apps

Telemedicine apps facilitate virtual consultations for anytime healthcare consulting. Patients can check doctor’s availability and book appointments for advice, diagnosis, and prescriptions.

Drug Inventory Management

The website dedicated for drug inventory management helps pharmacy stores manage the drug stock. They can check the drug details, stock level, expiry date, etc., all at one place.

Pharmacy Management Systems

Pharmacy management systems help pharmacies automate various pharmacy processes. With automation of day-to-day tasks such as billing, inventory, and patient records, they can increase efficiency and reduce manual errors.

What are the Benefits of an Online Pharmacy Website?

Designing and developing an on-demand pharmacy website is surely profitable for pharmacy store owners in many ways. However, it has many benefits to offer to the customers as well.

Let us first look at how e-pharmacy applications make drug ordering easier and more convenient for customers. After all, every business aims to keep its customers happy and satisfied. Customer satisfaction is the key to the long-term success of the business.

For Customers

 Easy Access

People get easy access to drugs. They can order medicines with a few clicks on the pharmacy application on their smartphones. The biggest advantage of pharmacy websites and apps is for people residing in remote areas with no or scanty access to the pharmacies nearby. They can now get life-saving drugs delivered to their doorsteps whenever needed.

In addition, they can get detailed information on medicines, consult an expert, and set auto refill and reminder features.

Enhanced customer experience

The convenience an online pharmacy app offers customers makes them stick and return. Thus, it contributes to their convenience delivering a delightful shopping experience each time.

Discounted rates

Online pharmacy applications enable customers to purchase medicines at discounted rates. Who would say no to some extra discounts on pharmacies? It seems like a fantasy, isn’t it?

You don’t have to leave your home or visit a pharmacy store to get the drugs. So, they can save fuel and time and enjoy the drugs at home at lower costs than the physical stores.

Medical History

Pharmacy app users can upload prescriptions and previous reports, and other documents to the app. Thus, it is a great way to store their medical documents. Since the documents or prescriptions are digital, customers can access them anytime, anywhere or send them to a physician for a better diagnosis. Also, they are less likely to get lost, like paper documents.

Medicine Reminders

Pharmacy applications send reminder notifications to customers for drug refills or drug dosages. Thus, customers can be consistent in taking medications on time without fail.

24-hour support

Online pharmacy applications offer 24/7 support services for customers. They can order drugs any time of the day. In addition, they get support for any queries or consultations.

Pharmacy Store owners

Online pharmacy app development offers huge benefits for pharmacy store owners. Here are the key benefits-

Wider Audience Reach

An online pharmacy application allows pharmacy store owners to access a wider audience. They can target customers out of their locality too. Thus, they can boost their sales and earn higher profits with a wider audience.

Expand business

Expanding your business becomes easier when you have access to a larger audience. The online pharmacy app helps pharmacy store owners deliver customers a convenient shopping experience each time.

Boosts revenue

The online pharmacy delivery app opens up opportunities to boost your revenue quickly. Since you can reach and deliver your services to millions of users online, your sales will surge, eventually increasing revenue.

Effective and Efficient Marketing

Marketing or promoting your business with traditional advertising methods is highly expensive. Online pharmacy app development enables store owners to market and promote their businesses organically without breaking the bank, says Slava Vaniukov, expert and CEO of Softermii.

Promotional discounts and offers on the pharmacy app attract more customers to purchase drugs. Moreover, in-app ads are also cheaper than traditional advertisements.

Streamlined Workflows

The online pharmacy application helps store owners streamline their day-to-day tasks. All is possible on a single solution, from order processing and management to managing inventory, customer data and reviews, and bills.

When your day-to-day operations are automated and streamlined, you can save your staff a lot of time and effort. Productivity increases, enabling your staff to work more efficiently in a day.

How Does An Online Pharmacy App Work?

The pandemic and the norm for social distancing drifted everything towards more digital, and ordering medicines online is no exception. Now everyone is so used to the comforts of on-demand applications that it has become the new normal. Let us get into the details of how an online pharmacy app works.

Sign Up

Prescription Upload:

Search Medicines:

Order Placement and Payment:

Order Processing and Delivery


What is the cost of developing a Pharmacy Website?

The Cost of On-Demand Pharmacy website design and development varies on many factors. These factors include the development platform, website complexity, features, and business size. Another major factor affecting the cost of pharmacy web design is the development team’s hourly rate and location.

The exact cost of the E-commerce Pharmacy Website Design can be calculated only after knowing the exact project requirements.

However, the typical cost of a basic pharmacy website development is between $16,000 and $30,000. The cost will be more if the website is more complex.

How can Concetto Labs help?

E-commerce Pharmacy Website Design and app development are the need of the hour for those who want to stay competitive in the current saturated market. It helps pharmacy store owners boost sales, brand visibility, and revenue.

Developing a top-notch pharmacy website and mobile application requires an experienced and professional development partner. Concetto Labs is always open to offering custom pharmacy app development services tailored to their business needs.

What is the Pharmacy App Development Process?

We follow a tried, tested, and proven pharmacy web design and app development process to deliver high-quality websites and applications. Here are the steps-

Product discovery

Before developing an online pharmacy website or application, we gather detailed information about the project and business objectives. We design the development plan based on the requirements and follow that blueprint for the entire app development.

UI/UX Design

The next step is to create wireframes and prototypes for the pharmacy website and mobile app. The wireframe defines how the website and mobile app will look once developed. We keep the user interface design simple and customer-friendly. Our pharmacy website designers create the interface based on your business branding and align it with optimal UX design practices.


The next step is to code the entire pharmacy website and mobile application. Our pharmacy app developers and programmers ensure the writing of clean and secure codes for the desired results.

Quality assurance and testing

Quality assurance and testing go hand-in-hand with the development process. We evaluate the codes for errors from the initial development stage to detect and identify bugs and errors early. We perform automated and manual tests to rectify even the slightest of errors to deliver a top-notch pharmacy website and application.

Launch and Updates

After all the development lifecycle steps, we finally launch the pharmacy website and application to the public. Before the launch, our pharmacy website designers test the application and website for responsiveness, loading speed, performance, etc.

As the top pharmacy app development company, we follow the best industry practices for compliance, security, design, and coding. If you want to design a pharmacy website and app, call us now at +91 95867 77575 for a free 30-minute consultation or a qu

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