Saturday, September 23, 2023
Saturday, September 23, 2023

Precision Dropper – The Next Revolution in Eye Health

Precision Dropper revolutionizes eye care with a groundbreaking adapter for eye drop bottles that makes eye drop delivery easier than ever before. Backed by a dedicated team and successful crowdfunding, the company is rapidly transforming eye health across the world.

Recognizing the Problem

Breakthroughs in medical technology are happening at an incredible pace, yet, we’re still delivering eye drops the same way since their invention over 150 years ago. Dr. Jared Henderson first recognized the problem when he realized that many of his patients weren’t using their eye medication because of the inconvenience. After looking into all the available solutions, he knew there had to be a better way to deliver eye drops.

Dr. Henderson teamed up with PhD researchers, engineers, and two universities to devise the best solution possible. After over two years and 37 prototypes, his team developed the Precision Dropper. The device fits over the top of any eye dropper bottle and is able to hold a single droplet of medication in a small hoop using surface tension. The moisture from the surface of the eye then pulls the droplet from the hoop, where it instantly spreads across the eye without any excess liquid running down the face.

Easier, Safer, and More Accessible

The Precision Dropper’s design removes the need to tilt the head back – a big barrier to self-administering eye drops for older patients. Its design makes eye drops so easy to use that “once you try it, you’ll never go back,” according to one early adopter. The process takes a fraction of the time, and by eliminating misses, users get as much as 3x the use out of each bottle!

Another key benefit of the Precision Dropper is increased safety. Traditional eye drop bottles have hard, plastic tips that can cause corneal abrasions and infections when touched to the eye. Precision Dropper significantly reduces these risks with its soft, medical-grade silicone tip.

Crowdfunding and Rapid Adoption

After winning local pitch competitions and awards, the product was launched on the crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo, where it surpassed its fundraising goal of $10,000 in only two days! After receiving great feedback from early adopters, the company started offering the Precision Dropper on Amazon, where it quickly became the highest-rated and best-selling device in its category. Precision Dropper is being rapidly adopted by eye clinics, pharmacies, and even senior care homes across the United States.

The Precision Dropper Mission

Precision Dropper is on a mission to promote eye health across the world by increasing the ease of use and access to eye drops. As part of their mission, Precision Dropper has been donating its products to ophthalmic charities to improve eye care all around the world.

Dr. Henderson hopes his work will “keep eyes bright and solve big problems in simple ways.”

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