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Sonde Health Launches New Voice-Enabled Health Screening Tool to Help Employers Return to Work During the Global Pandemic

The new voice-enabled health detection and monitoring app from Sonde Health promises to potentially help employers improve employee safety, meet government mandates, and satisfy their own administrative needs as they reopen office doors in a rapidly changing COVID-19 environment.

PureTech Health Affiliate Gelesis Announces Partnership with Ro to Support US Commercialization of Plenity TM

In addition to collaborating with traditional healthcare providers, Gelesis will leverage Ro’s nationwide telehealth services to make Plenity available to patients who don’t have an established healthcare provider or prefer a remote interaction.

PureTech Health Establishes New Corporate Headquarters in Boston’s Seaport District to Support Expansion and Acceleration of Internal R&D Pipe

“The PureTech team has initiated and advanced highly differentiated product candidates initially targeting serious disorders of the brain, immune system, and gastrointestinal tract, and has progressed more than two dozen product candidates from discovery through various points of validation, including one all the way through FDA regulatory clearance. It is through this track record of execution that we have built our leadership position around brain-immune-gut “BIG” axis biology and identified the platforms that form the basis of our internal R&D pipeline programs,” said founder and CEO Daphne Zohar.