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Ra Medical Systems Inc. Receives Continued Listing Standard Notice from the NYSE

The written notice said Ra Medical is no longer in compliance with the NYSE’s continued listing standards as set forth in Section 802.01C of the NYSE’s Listed Company Manual, which requires listed companies to maintain an average closing share price of at least $1.00 over a consecutive 30 trading-day period.

First Patient Enrolled in Pivotal Atherectomy Clinical Study

To evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the DABRA excimer laser system for use as an atherectomy device for the treatment of peripheral vascular stenoses.

Ra Medical Systems Receives FDA IDE Approval to Begin Pivotal Atherectomy Clinical Study

In May 2017, DABRA received FDA 510(k) clearance for use in ablating a channel in occlusive peripheral vascular disease (PAD).

Pharos, Optimized Dermatology Excimer Laser Launched

"Pharos has added significant value to my dermatology practice by quickly and painlessly treating stubborn conditions: psoriasis, vitiligo, and atopic dermatitis,” said David J. Goldberg, MD.

Clinical Study Aims to Show DABRA Excimer Laser System Keeps Arteries Healthy Longer

“Restenosis, or re-narrowing of an artery post-procedure, is a major problem for my patients,” said C.V. Ramana, MD, principal study investigator. “In my experience, DABRA has provided a highly effective treatment, with minimal vascular trauma, which I believe leads to lower rates of restenosis and longer lasting results,” Dr. Ramana practices at NAADI Healthcare in Oklahoma City, OK.

Elias Kassab, MD Notes DABRA Laser System Successful for Treating Challenging Lesions

Dr. Kassab, FACC, FSCAI, FACP. FASA, RPVI, FAHA, FSVM, President & CEO of Michigan Outpatient Vascular Institute, Dearborn, Michigan, continued, “The device has an innate tendency to stay intraluminal in all vessels, is versatile as a single debulking device, is easy to use and is cost-effective. In our experience, DABRA has a very low complication rate and we have not seen any angiographic or clinical evidence of distal embolization.”

Ra Medical Systems Granted Broad Patent for DABRA Catheter for Cardiovascular Disease Treatment

Catheter’s Liquid Fill with Solid Window Surface Provides Improved Tissue Removal, Contributing to DABRA’s 95 Percent Success...

DABRA Begins First Commercial, FDA-Cleared, In-Patient Use Reports Ra Medical Systems

Now Treating Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease in the United States Ra Medical Systems, today announced the commercial...