Reasons to Opt for Invisalign Treatment for Orthodontic Issues

Orthodontic malocclusion is treated with either use of braces or Invisalign. The clear aligners make it a suitable alternative to metal braces or other traditional braces. This makes the Invisalign a more lucrative treatment option as compared to the other aligners. The Invisalign cost is slightly higher than the metal braces but also it is clear, plastic aligners which are not visible, unlike the braces.

What is an Invisalign treatment? 

These are transparent and clear aligners that make a popular choice as it is not visible. Skilled orthodontists examine the teeth and any bite issues and help in correcting a range of dental problems. Here are some issues the Invisalign helps in resolving:

  • Overbite and underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Gapped teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Misaligned teeth

Reasons to Opt for Use of Invisalign 

If you are planning to go for an orthodontic treatment, here are the reasons to always opt for the Invisalign for malocclusion alignment.

Almost invisible upon smiling

One of the things that most people are conscious of using braces is the visibility of the metal wiring and brackets. However, Invisalign makes it convenient as it is transparent and does not dim your confidence. With the clear, invisible aligners, it is less likely that anyone would notice unless observing very keenly. This boosts freedom and confidence to smile.

Better dental hygiene

One of the best parts of the invisalign aligners is it offers better dental hygiene. As the Invisalign is removable, it makes brushing and flossing easy. This ensures optimum hygiene as removable aligners help in easier cleaning of crooked, misaligned teeth. This also doesn’t require you to visit the dentist again and again for cleanup and tightening of the braces.

Takes less time for teeth alignment

If you want to speed up the process of straightening your teeth, using the invisalign is a great option. The clean aligners when used regularly almost take less than a year to fix crooked teeth. Braces take almost 3 years to fix the teeth but Invisalign does it in less time. It is the best option for adults planning to straighten their teeth.

Improves overall dental health

One of the best parts of using invisalign is it not only fixes the teeth but also improves overall dental health. As the alignment keeps the teeth in a healthy position, it keeps the gums healthier and maintains a stronger position. For adults, clear invisalign is much better as compared to braces that otherwise require frequent adjustment.

Doesn’t interfere with speech

The use of braces at times interferes with speech and makes one self-conscious. However, as the invisalign is invisible and adjustable, it makes speech easier. It allows one to talk, eat, and clean the teeth normally. As the aligners are clear, it makes it convenient for one to smile freely.

Costlier but better

Also, invisalign treatment is slightly more expensive as compared to braces, it also takes less time. It does not require you to visit the orthodontists again and again for adjustments like in the braces, making it overall cost-effective. It’s a one-time expense to put the Invisalign but goes a long way without repetitive visits. Hence, it indirectly reduces the financial burden.

Takes less time to correct issues

No matter the issue, the invisalign is custom-designed and makes it easy to correct the issues. The Invisalign helps in treating an array of issues, treat any sort of teeth issues. If your goal is to straighten the teeth and take care of the gums, invisalign is a better option as compared to metal braces.

In summary, if you want a straight smile without spending many years struggling with metal braces, invisalign is the best option for you.

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