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Friday, October 22, 2021


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Recombinant Technologies is Raising Capital to Roll Out a Game Changing Alzheimer’s Treatment

Funding sought to gain FDA approval of laboratory proven molecule treatment to reduce the plaque buildup that causes dementia

Ask anyone who spent time with a close friend or family member with Alzheimer’s Disease and they’ll tell you they wouldn’t wish it on their worst enemy. Alzheimer’s hits everybody hard; not just the sufferer who struggles with unimaginable frustration trying to remember the simplest of things; everyone around them feels pain and anguish watching someone close to them suffer. Recombinant Technologies has developed a unique treatment to a devastating medical problem to alleviate the anguish and bring relief.

It is estimated that nearly 6 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s in the United States alone. The company has developed an innovative treatment that addresses the cause of the disease rather than the symptoms. Through this treatment strategy, the company is addressing a significant unmet medical need and opportunity.

Their patented technology was developed over ten years and has successfully improved memory in mice and proof of concept trials. The Recombinant Technologies team is a dream team of top experts in their fields, including their founder who trained at Yale School of Medicine for nearly a decade about a decade prior to founding the company.

Going beyond conventional modalities that only address the symptoms, Recombinant Technologies is focused on treating the root cause of Alzheimer’s Disease delivering a huge improvement in the quality of life of those afflicted. The company has developed a patented molecule (AmyTrap) with demonstrated success in animal-model proof of concept studies to remove amyloid-beta, which is the physiological cause behind the plaque buildup in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Incorporating the AmyTrap molecule, the company designed and developed two types of extracorporeal devices, called AmyTrappers, for treatments. These proposed innovative devices trap amyloid from circulation (just like dialysis to remove urea in patients with kidney failure) which may lead to achieving a novel treatment strategy that improves the lives of patients with AD. Check it out here:

Recombinant Technologies has received multiple peer-reviewed grants (which in itself is a stamp of approval) from the National Institutes of Health to develop this Amytrapper devices.

Investors are encouraged to explore this life-changing investment opportunity and decide if it deserves a place in their portfolios. Additional campaign details here.

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