RedHawk Holdings Partners With Sales Organization to Market SANDD™ Needle Incineration Devices

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RedHawk Holdings Corp. is a diversified holding company engaged in sales and distribution of medical devices, branded generic pharmaceutical drugs, commercial real estate investment and leasing, point of entry full-body security systems, and specialized financial services.  Today the company announced they have partnered with Louisiana-based CKRX Enterprise LLC (“CKRX”) sales organization to market the Company’s ™DDSAN needle incineration devices.

With 8 marketing representatives located in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida and Utah, CKRX markets a variety of value savings programs to hospitals, physicians, pharmacies and clinics including a free point of sale discount on both brand and generic prescriptions to an estimated 75,000 pharmacies.

Commenting on the new marketing representation agreement with CKRX, G. Darcy Klug, RedHawk Chairman, and Interim Chief Executive Officer commented, “Chez Ciccone and the CKRX team have built an impressive and well-established network of customer relationships within the medical community. By utilizing the established CKRX customer base to introduce our line of SANDD™ needle incineration devices to hospitals, physicians and pharmacies, we believe this partnership with CKRX is an efficient and economical way to execute our marketing business plan into the Northeast States, Florida and Utah. Also, Chez’s industry relationships reach far beyond these six states. We hope to leverage this partnership with Chez and CKRX as a model for SANDD™ product line sales expansion into other areas of the United States.”

Chez Ciccone, CKRX Chief Executive Officer, added, “We’re excited to be a part of this revolutionary concept represented by the SANDD™ line. SANDD™ helps providers and consumers mitigate the risk of needlestick injuries while reducing the cost of sharps disposal compared to traditional sharps disposal methods. Our sales organization collaborates with a variety of community partners including Case Managers, Healthcare Systems, Pharmacists, Physicians, Chambers of Commerce, Law Enforcement agencies and others. These groups have a great deal of contact with the audience that we believe will most benefit from access to the SANDD mini™ and the SANDD Pro™. Our clients are focused on minimizing healthcare costs while maintaining a safe workplace environment. So, if we can help our clients reduce their operating costs while minimizing exposure to needlestick injuries, we’ve done our job. This partnership with RedHawk brings our business to a new level by capitalizing on the CKRX customer relationships established and introducing them to this exciting, game-changing, cutting-edge technology.”



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