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Rehab: 6 Things You Can Expect to Happen

Rehab is short for a rehabilitation clinic, a place where those who are unfortunate enough to have developed dependencies on drugs and alcohol go for treatment. For many people, rehab can be a shock. It’s very strict and there’s a lot of emphasis put on positivity and recovery. Rehabilitation centers throughout the world have helped millions upon millions of people kick their addictions and reclaim their lives, reforging familial bonds and finding work again.

If you’re suffering from some kind of addiction, then a rehab center may be the best place for you to go. In today’s article, we’ll explain six things that you can expect to happen during your time in rehab:

Outpatient Rehab

If you’re going to be engaging with an outpatient service, you’ll be able to stay at home during your rehabilitation, instead of staying in a center, which we will address next. Outpatient rehabilitation is not as intense as inpatient care. During your detox, you’ll be expected to visit the rehab center at least once a day. During these visits, you’ll receive any medication that you’re being prescribed, as well as counseling and therapy. It will also be an opportunity for the physician or nurse that you’ve been assigned to assess you and assess where you are in your detox.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab is the type that most people are familiar with. It’s also the most intense type of rehab because once you’re there you’re unable to leave. Inpatient rehab is also called residential rehab because you will be expected to live in the center for the duration of your rehabilitation. You will probably have to stay there for at least six to twelve weeks, perhaps more. Your time in rehab depends entirely on your progress. Rehabilitation centers are usually very comfortable, although very strict in terms of routine and schedule.

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No Phones Allowed

Unfortunately, phones are rarely permitted in rehabilitation centers. This is mostly because access to smartphones can negatively impact a person’s recovery. With a smartphone, a person can contact people who could tempt them into leaving and taking drugs, as well as view negative material that could motivate them to take drugs again. With that said, some rehab centers do allow mobile phones but only during specific hours, which you can learn more with Top Rehab Network about. In many ways, detoxing from technology is a good thing. In today’s world, technology captivates and consumes people, distracting them from the beauty of life. Some academics have gone as far as to say that technology is more addictive than drugs and alcohol together.

Going Cold Turkey

When you first arrive at rehab, you’ll most likely be in the early stages of your detox. You may have even taken drugs or alcohol on the day that you arrive. Depending on the drug and severity of your addiction, going cold turkey can be very uncomfortable, even painful. Thankfully, rehabilitation centers are very experienced in treating people going through their detox. You’ll be monitored around the clock and could potentially receive medication, depending on the drug that you’re addicted to. It’s important that you go into rehab knowing that you’ll have to go cold turkey.

Rehab 6 Things You Can Expect To Happen Scaled

Participation in Therapy

While at rehab, you’ll be expected to take part in rehabilitative therapy. This therapy will get to the bottom of any deeply rooted emotional issues. It will also help you to understand how your addictive behavior hurts others, and what triggers it. Additionally, you’ll be taught how to come to terms with your emotional problems and how to overcome them, as well as how you can cope with the temptation of taking drugs again. Rehab will also educate you about why drugs and alcohol are bad for you and how you can avoid them when you’re reintegrating back into society. If you don’t participate in therapy, you may be asked to leave rehab.


Keeping in line with our previous point, during your time in rehab you’ll be expected to engage. It’s important that you do engage with your treatment because continued engagement will help you to overcome your addiction. Drug rehab centers specialize in helping people to overcome their addictions, so any task that they give you is usually for good reason. You will likely receive a tailored treatment plan, which will be designed according to your personality, your triggers, and the nature of your addiction. You’ll also be expected to participate in group work, which will include sharing and speaking with other recovering users.

Rehab clinics are a great way for you to reclaim your life. It’s important that you go into rehab knowing what to expect so that you’re not shocked or taken back. With the information in this article, you should be able to walk into rehab confidently and conquer your addiction.


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