Rexton Launches BiCore B-Li M Rugged – the Most Resilient Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid

Hearing aid manufacturer Rexton today announced the launch of the breakthrough BiCore B-Li M Rugged, the most resilient Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aid Rexton has ever made, and the expansion of its trusted BiCore portfolio to include three new BTE hearing aids –the BiCore BTE M, BiCore BTE P, BiCore BTE HP – to bring durable and reliable hearing aid solutions to more patients than ever before, regardless of budget.

According to Rexton Product Manager Katie Stocker, the new BiCore B-Li M Rugged is ideal for full-time patient use, matching the company’s reliable audio quality with significant durability enhancements and a smaller, more discrete size that improves comfort and aesthetics.

“The best hearing aids are ones patients can forget they’re wearing, and the BiCore B-Li M Rugged does just that while featuring dependable audio and a robust Lifeproof® design that can withstand the drops, splashes and scratches of everyday life,” Stocker said. “By reducing the device’s size and increasing its resiliency to the elements, BiCore B-Li M Rugged enables a more carefree patient experience free of interruptions, with long-lasting battery life of up to 39 hours, advanced binaural sound processing and simple audio streaming with iOS and Android devices, ensuring reliable performance in every situation.”

BiCore B-Li M Rugged Hearing Aid

The BiCore B-Li M Rugged takes Rexton’s trusted reliability to an entirely new level, offering enhanced resistance to water, soap, drops, scratches and even sweat. These attributes are achieved through new materials including a thicker mechanical housing and frame, an airtight receiver with reinforced suspension, sealed charging contacts, and new protection and sealing glue along all housing parting lines. The result is a hearing aid that can handle being dropped from two meters, being submerged under two meters of water for 30 minutes and isn’t affected if worn in the shower or other scenarios where standard devices can be damaged.

“Our new BiCore B-Li M Rugged empowers hearing care professionals (HCPs) to offer patients enhanced device reliability and performance that can significantly impact daily activities, all while reducing the likelihood of damage and subsequent repair or replacement costs,” added Mike O’Neil, President of Rexton. “It’s a win-win that enables improved patient outcomes and reduces the need for HCPs to invest time and money managing device-related issues. With BiCore B-Li M Rugged, HCPs can focus on helping patients attain greater freedom and peace of mind through consistently improved hearing experiences, no matter what the day brings.”

BiCore Hearing Aid Portfolio Expansion

In addition, Rexton announced an expansion of its BiCore family of products to feature three new BTE models: the BiCore BTE M, BiCore BTE P and BiCore BTE HP. These battery-operated hearing aids offer direct audio streaming with iOS and Android devices (Performance Levels 30 and 20), IP68 protection against dust, sand, dirt and submersion in over a meter of water, and an integrated telecoil that delivers clear audio.

All four new hearing aids are built on Rexton’s proven BiCore platform, an advanced binaural platform that optimizes synchronization between left and right hearing aids to maximize clarity and provide natural sound experiences. The BiCore platform also includes Rexton’s patented Speech Preservation Technology that removes unwanted noise and emphasizes speech to ensure clearer conversations in all environments.

Once input sound is converted to a digital signal, an analysis is performed to identify and discern speech, noise, the wearer’s own voice, and more. Based on this analysis, BiCore automatically reduces the effect of background noise so patients can better hear the sounds they want. Lastly, BiCore’s robust input stage and new A/D converter reliably handle sounds of all levels without distortion, ensuring consistently smooth sound.

“The BiCore platform is ideal for patients who consistently experience drastic changes in noise levels, such as on construction sites, first responder situations and busy school environments,” O’Neil said. “The platform and all the models built on it are specifically engineered to adapt quickly to significant soundscape changes, delivering a solution that patients can count on to help them live and work as effectively, efficiently, and dependably as possible.”

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