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Pacific Healthcare Group Selects Rimini Street to Extend the Life and Value of its Highly Customized, On-Premises Oracle Environment

Pacific Healthcare Group Selects Rimini Street to Extend the Life and Value of its Highly Customized, On-Premises Oracle Environment

Rimini Street, Inc. (Nasdaq: RMNI), a global provider of end-to-end enterprise software support, products and services, the leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software, and a Salesforce and AWS partner, today announced that Pacific Healthcare Group, the leading sales and marketing services organization for the Southeast Asian healthcare industry, has selected Rimini Support™ for Oracle which includes support for Oracle EBS, Oracle Technology and Oracle Database.

Rimini Street’s comprehensive, high-quality services enable Pacific Healthcare Group to gain greater cost and operational control over its IT roadmap, unlocking funds and resources to invest in digital innovation projects for competitive advantage and growth.

Pacific Healthcare Group Pushes Back on Vendor Roadmap to Migrate to the Cloud

Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, Pacific Healthcare Group manages sales and marketing for pharmaceutical companies, medical devices, and other consumer healthcare organizations seeking to expand into Asian markets. Today, the company represents over 50 brands in over 20 countries and connects 600 million patients, customers, and consumers globally.

For more than a decade, Pacific Healthcare Group has used Oracle as its core ERP system, running critical operations such as order management, invoicing, and distribution from their highly customized, on-premises systems. In recent years, the company has been under advice by Oracle to transition to the cloud—a move they felt they did not have a strong business case for. The company was growing, the systems were stable, and the IT team was busy at work, focusing on strategic projects to strengthen their business capabilities.

“We didn’t want to slow down the work our development department was doing for the business to focus on an ERP migration project. We needed to better understand the value that we’d get from this migration to Oracle Cloud ERP,” said Daniel Lui, CIO, Pacific Healthcare Group. “Moving to Oracle Cloud wouldn’t be any different than moving to another ERP system in our opinion, so we wanted to slow down and evaluate all of our options.”

Pacific Healthcare Group decided staying on-prem, maximizing the value of their IT investments and reallocating the savings of not having to engage in costly, resource-consuming migration efforts, and instead, funding innovation initiatives, would be in their greatest interest.

Premium Support and Flexibility Gained with Rimini Street Allows Pacific Healthcare Group to Focus on Growth

After a full analysis of their options and the ROI of each path, Pacific Healthcare Group launched a thorough vetting process involving market research, talks with existing clients of Rimini Street, and connecting with the regional and corporate team members of Rimini Street. Once the decision to select Rimini Support was made, Rimini Street’s well-defined onboarding process made getting started easy. “Both the onboarding and technical team worked with our teams to provide recommendations and guide us through each step of the way,” Lui said.

With the move to Rimini Street, Pacific Healthcare Group benefits from:

A named, dedicated Primary Support Engineer (PSE) with an average 20 years of experience, and access to the capabilities of hundreds of engineering teammates around the world

Fast response time to address and resolve issues, with guaranteed 10-minute response time for critical issues

Support for customizations at the same level as vendor-delivered code
Guarantee of an additional 15 years of support from day of signing

“Our Oracle system is the backend engine that makes the front-end work. Supporting and securing it is very important to us,” said Lui. “With Rimini Street, we have a partner readily available to support us and keep our business going. Rimini Street delivers what they promise so that we can deliver quality and trust to our clients and end-users.”

Today, Pacific Healthcare Group’s strategic partnership with Rimini Street allows them to invest in talent acquisition and retention efforts as well as fund digital transformation projects, all the while enjoying the flexibility and control of being in the driver’s seat of their IT roadmap.

Learn more about Pacific Healthcare Group’s story of growth in partnership with Rimini Street here.

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