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Sakura Finetek Europe Announces the Launch of Tissue-Tek SmartConnect® – Enables a fully Automated Continuous Flow by Connecting, Processing and Embedding in the Histology Lab

A New Chapter in Automation and the Next Step for Laboratories in Achieving Future-Proof Pathology

October 21, 2020

Sakura Finetek Europe launches its latest innovation Tissue-Tek SmartConnect. An automated transfer system that creates a continuous flow between the SMART solutions Tissue-Tek Xpress® x120 Rapid Tissue Processor and Tissue-Tek AutoTEC® a120 Automated Embedding System.

Sakura Finetek Europe notes this new innovative SMART solution enables a laboratory to optimize their workflow and work more efficient, eliminating repetitive and unnecessary manual work. Hence laboratory technicians can focus more on what matters most: taking care of the best possible patient journey.
Tissue-Tek SmartConnect is the first Sakura Finetek Europe launch from its European research & development department. “Our team has done an outstanding job by creating this complex robotic solution in just two years with the extreme high-quality Sakura Finetek is known for. We created a fully automated process, starting with grossed tissues as input up to embedded blocks as output.” Andries Dragt, Vice President, Strategy & Business Development and founder of the idea, is very proud of Sakura Finetek’s European team. “With Tissue-Tek SmartConnect, Sakura Finetek once again proves itself as one of the most innovative companies when it comes to automating and standardizing histology laboratories. This solution is a unique step towards future-proof pathology and enables lab technicians to spend more of their valuable time on what really matters,” he adds.
In the coming months, the first histology laboratory will be equipped with Tissue-Tek SmartConnect to show its value and support the lab technicians in the workplace. This step is in line with our promise to empower pathology professionals to deliver accurate and fast diagnoses to optimize treatment success,” Chris Koeman, President of Sakura Finetek European states “The patient drives this promise. Because when it comes to diagnosing cancer, there is no time to wait. We truly believe we can make more valuable differences for patients in the future, and that drives us to put all our effort into bringing more worthy innovations to the market.”
Sakura has a long history of innovation and technology. We launched the first fully enclosed tissue processor: Tissue-Tek VIP®, rapid tissue processor: Tissue-Tek Xpress®, and the automated embedding system: Tissue-Tek AutoTEC®. The Tissue-Tek SmartConnect is one that fits perfectly in that line and brings enormous opportunities for future innovations.
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