SARMS 101: Uses, Benefits, And Risks



  • According to a study, the new generation substance can only build a fraction of a muscle compared to steroids.
  • Also, in the said study, those who had taken 300 mg per week of SARMs in a span of four to six weeks only gained one to 1.
  • SARMs are a popular substance in the fitness industry as they're a safer counterpart of anabolic steroids.

If you want to gain muscle and get bigger to improve your physique, the gym is the way to go. However, having a perfect body may not be easily achieved. You will need plenty of time and effort to have a toned, lean, and muscular body. For this reason, many people resort to synthetic chemicals, such as steroids, to speed up the process and make them look big in a short time.

Anabolic steroids may improve overall physique in a shorter period. However, they may also cause unwanted side effects such as high blood pressure, reduced sperm count, testicle shrinkage, and severe acne breakouts. This is where selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) come into the picture.

SARMs are better than traditional anabolic steroids. They are one of the newest anabolic substances produced. Also, they were synthesized to mimic the muscle-building effects and other benefits of steroids, but without the possible side effects. However, be careful when buying SARMs online. When searching for the best site to buy SARMs, ensure they’re reputable, legal, and complete with third-party certificates.

You may continue reading this article to know more about SARMs.

What Are The Uses Of SARMs?

SARMs are a popular substance in the fitness industry as they’re a safer counterpart of anabolic steroids. Aside from being the newest and most innovative anabolic substance, SARMs are currently being analyzed as a potential treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. These include muscle wasting, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, cancer, and sexual dysfunction.

Anabolic steroids may help treat the medical conditions above. However, they may cause detrimental health issues such as erythrocytosis, cholesterol fluctuation, low testosterone, leg edema, and gynecomastia.

The primary use of SARMs is to imitate the positive effects of anabolic steroids without the anabolic, cardiovascular, and estrogenic side effects through tissue selectivity. However, this mechanism is not yet fully understood and may require more studies to backup data and draw conclusions.

What Are The Benefits Of Using SARMs?

Here are some benefits you might enjoy when taking SARMs:

  • Increased Muscle Strength And Size

SARMs can significantly influence and accelerate muscle hypertrophy and muscle strength. However, SARMs may not be as powerful as steroids. According to a study, the new generation substance can only build a fraction of a muscle compared to steroids.

Also, in the said study, those who had taken 300 mg per week of SARMs in a span of four to six weeks only gained one to 1.5 kg of fat-free muscle. On the contrary, those who had taken 600 mg per week of exogenous testosterone over the same period amassed five to seven kg of fat-free muscle.

  • Fat Loss

SARMs are also an effective fat-losing substance. These selective modulators can stimulate receptors to boost lipolysis and break down the fat in the body to become a new source of energy. This fat includes subcutaneous fat layers or the jiggly fat that you can visibly see under your skin.

Aside from adding lean muscle mass, SARMs can also improve muscle definition and tone simultaneously, perfect for people suffering from muscle wasting syndrome.

  • Accepted By The Society

Compared to anabolic steroids, SARMs are welcomed and highly regarded by many people. Many of which come from the bodybuilding community and the fitness industry. They often have fewer taboos and social stigma attached to them than steroids, probably because of their lesser side effects.

On top of that, SARMs don’t experience the same demonization by the public as anabolic steroids. In fact, it has surpassed the latter in popularity, even if steroids were once generally prescribed for decades until a wide range of symptoms and side effects have surfaced.

  • Injections Are Not Necessary

Unlike anabolic steroids, SARMs don’t require injections when administered. They’re often taken orally like children’s medicine. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about using dirty needles that may cause severe infections. Also, you eliminate the risk of improper use of injections, which can cause blood vessel damage, paralysis, nerve damage, and muscle injury.

  • Good For Women

Compared to anabolic steroids, SARMs are more women-friendly since they don’t produce virilization effects, which could make them more manly. However, SARMs are still under experimental observation. Therefore, it’d be best to opt for other steroids that are good for women that can hinder masculinization for safety reasons, such as Primobolan and Anavar.

What Are The Possible Risks Of Taking SARMs?

Every substance has its risks, including SARMs, such as the following:

  • Gynecomastia

Theoretically, SARMs don’t induce gynecomastia or breast enlargement in men while building muscles and gaining mass since they prevent enzyme activity. However, some people reported having experienced gynecomastia while taking SARMs routinely.

According to experts, such side effects may happen because SARMs compete with the body’s natural testosterone levels. Because they have a much stronger bonding capability, they can win the competition and leave the natural testosterone to be converted into estrogen.

To prevent gynecomastia and other estrogenic side effects, consider using aromatase inhibitors, such as Arimistane.

  • Elevated Blood Pressure

SARMs can trigger high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in the body, leading to a higher risk of experiencing hypertension. HDL is good cholesterol and maintains the level of bad cholesterol in the body, lowering the blood pressure to normal.

High blood pressure is possibly due to SARMs’ unwanted reactions to blood lipids. In addition, the lack of aromatase activity may cause estrogen levels to decrease, lowering the production of HDL. Therefore, it’d be best to take fish oil supplements or consume other food rich in good fats, such as avocado, salmon, or olive oil, while using SARMs.

Final Words

SARMs are one of the latest innovations created to mimic the effects of anabolic steroids without the negative effects. As of the moment, the primary use of SARMs is to promote lean muscle mass building. However, studies are continuously being done to determine if these substances can potentially treat a wide range of health issues.

Additionally, SARMs also possess many benefits, such as being women-friendly, being accepted by many people, and promoting fat loss. However, it’s essential to understand that every substance has risks, including SARMs. Consider the following risks presented above and weigh them with the benefits. Then, evaluate if it’s worth taking or not.

Furthermore, don’t forget to consult your doctor to determine the correct dosage for you.

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