Saturday, September 23, 2023
Saturday, September 23, 2023

Shreyas Iyer Partners with Ultrahuman

Shreyas Iyer, the dynamic and charismatic multi-format cricket player, has partnered with Ultrahuman, the world’s most advanced metabolic fitness platform, to optimize and enhance his performance on and off the field through technology.

The stylish right-handed batter, who has become a mainstay of the Indian cricket team, is now leveraging technology to further understand and make decisions that will help elevate his potential and his game. Shreyas Iyer has been using Ultrahuman M1, a continuous glucose monitoring platform, to gain actionable insights and optimize his training and performance.

Shreyas Iyer, Indian cricket team player, said. “I have always been very focused on my health and fitness and look to understand my body to perform to my best. In my life, there is always a constant learning graph and evaluation that helps me evolve and become a better player. I strongly believe in using technology as an aid for bettering my performance and staying fit. Ultrahuman gives me better insights into my performance, training, and my diet, which help me be more focused, feel good and give my best on and off the field.”

As an icon of the youth, Shreyas Iyer has always kept himself physically fit and has been an advocate of using technology to get the best out of life. The Ultrahuman M1 has helped him identify the diet that works for his body, which has helped him improve his training, better off-season weight management, and in-competition performance. Shreyas Iyer has the daily insights on glucose levels, his metabolic health, powerful insights on his food and activity that allow him to plan his day better, with future tours being scheduled around the world.

Ultrahuman is the world’s most advanced metabolic fitness platform. Built on an app and supported by a wearable patch, the “Ultrahuman M1”, users are able to track their metabolic health whilst getting intelligent nudges based on glucose biomarkers. This helps people optimize their exercise, sleep and nutrition based on deep insights from the platform. The M1 tracks the wearer’s metabolism as they go about their day. It triggers timely nudges to the user such as alerts to a high blood glucose event and suggestions to take a walk for optimizing their glucose levels.

In addition to Shreyas’ sports performance team, Ultrahuman has made available a team of sports scientists and coaches who are working closely with him to empower him with intelligent data-driven modifications to his routine and training.

“We’ve seen some phenomenal results with our athletes lately and the Ultrahuman platform is evolving to be a sports performance platform. With the latest partnership with Shreyas, we are taking it to the next level.” said Mohit Kumar, Founder and CEO, Ultrahuman.

Sports performance has always gone hand in hand with technology and has helped players monitor, track, and review their nutrition and workout, which makes them give their best and feel their best on and off the field.

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