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Saturday, June 10, 2023



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Sleep Apnea New Noninvasive Technology Launches Reports Somne

Sleep Apnea New Noninvasie Technology

Sleep Apnea globally statistics show nearly one billion adults aged 30 to 69 years are estimated to have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Somne, a digital health company focused on solving sleep apnea comfortably, announced it is developing a revolutionary non-invasive alternative to CPAP.

“Somne is launching with a desire to have equal focus on patient’s comfort, adherence and efficacy. We’re utilizing variable negative pressure technology to develop this first of its kind medical device which reduces the discomfort that has plagued mass adoption of other sub-optimal products,” said Volha Hrechka, CEO of Somne. “Somne’s novel Class II medical device will be an alternative to CPAP machines and other treatments, with a more comfortable fit.”

“There are millions of people prescribed CPAP for treatment who are simply not using it. Left untreated, OSA can contribute to other serious health complications such as heart problems, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and cognitive decline,” said Dr. Jerry Kram, a sleep expert, physician, and medical advisor at Somne.  “Somne’s device could be a game-changing, innovative approach for OSA management for sleep apnea patients worldwide.  A comfortable fit from a non-intrusive device will make it easier for patients to embrace treatment.”

Somne’s device for sleep apnea treatment is worn around the neck and uses patented Variable Negative Pressure (vNEP) technology to provide therapy to patients while they sleep. The collar prototype provides gentle suction to prevent the weight of the person’s soft tissue from resting on their airway as they sleep; this keeps the patient’s airway open, assisting them to breathe normally and sleep comfortably.

Recent findings from an IRB-approved human trial of Somne’s prototype device show high efficacy and patient comfort.

Somne continues to work on product development while starting the FDA IDE Application. The company intends to bring its product to market as soon as 2024. To learn more about Somne’s sleep apnea device, visit

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