Leaf Healthcare, Inc. Acquired by Smith & Nephew

Leaf Healthcare Inc. has been acquired by Smith & Nephew.  The news was announced today from Smith & Nephew.

Leaf Healthcare Inc. are developers of the Leaf Patient Monitoring System for pressure injury prevention and patient mobility monitoring.  Smith & Nephew note that the transaction follows Smith & Nephew’s successful two-year partnership with Leaf Healthcare as an exclusive distributor and strategic investor.

Leaf Patient Monitoring System
Leaf Patient Monitoring System

Smith & Nephew reports The Leaf Patient Monitoring System is comprised of a small, lightweight, wearable sensor that wirelessly monitors a patient’s position and their mobility whilst in a hospital. The tracking data is used to automate and document the compliance with prescribed turn protocols for patients at risk for pressure injuries.

Facts to Know: An estimated 2.5 million pressure injuries are treated each year in US acute care facilities alone1, with an estimated annual burden of $11 billion in the United States2. National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) guidelines recommend a prevention protocol for high-risk patients that includes prophylactic foam dressings, preventative skin care including pH balanced skin cleanser, and patient repositioning with early mobilisation3. The Leaf Patient Monitoring System together with Smith & Nephew’s ALLEVYN◊ LIFE and ALLEVYN GENTLE BORDER and SECURA Skin Care products provide a comprehensive portfolio to help customers achieve and optimize pressure injury prevention protocols.

In January 2018, an independently conducted Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) from Stanford University evaluated optimal patient repositioning and found that the Leaf Patient Monitoring System induced a 43% relative increase in turning protocol compliance in high-risk patients. Patients treated with the Leaf sensor were 73% less likely to develop a pressure injury4.

“Consistent with our initial strategic investment, Smith & Nephew is focused on providing not just products to treat conditions, but also supporting clinicians with technologies designed for prevention as well as treatment, and helping healthcare facilities reduce the cost of care,” said Simon Fraser, President of Advanced Wound Management, Smith & Nephew. “The Leaf Patient Monitoring System is highly complementary to Smith & Nephew’s existing wound portfolio and we are excited by the opportunities of expanding this product within our global portfolio.”

“The benefits of patient turning and improved patient mobility are well recognized, including the potential for shorter hospital stays,” said Barrett Larson, MD, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Leaf Healthcare. “We are proud of the impact our technology has already made through our existing relationship with Smith & Nephew. We are excited by this new opportunity to deploy our award-winning pressure injury prevention technology through Smith & Nephew’s extensive Advanced Wound Management portfolio.”

Smith & Nephew reported the transaction is expected to close in Q2 2019, subject to the satisfaction of customary conditions, and will be financed from existing cash and debt facilities. The commercial terms have not been disclosed.


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