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Spinal Elements Announces Relaunch of Luna XD and Orbit Systems: Dr. Richard Fessler Performs 1st Minimally-invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion

March 3, 2021

Spinal Elements announced the relaunch and first clinical use of the Luna® XD multi-expandable lumbar interbody fusion device and Orbit® articulating discectomy system.

Spinal Elements notes a minimally-invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) surgery was performed with the devices by Richard G. Fessler, M.D., Ph.D of Rush University Medical Group, Chicago, IL.

“I am very pleased to be using both Orbit and Luna XD in my MIS TLIF procedures again,” stated Dr. Fessler.  “Orbit is a best-in-class system that allows me to provide a safe and more thorough discectomy while Luna XD’s multi-expandable profile and footprint provides a large area for bone grafting and controlled restoration of disc height and lordosis, contributing to the consistency and positive clinical outcomes of my TLIF procedures.  I look forward to sharing these results in an upcoming peer-reviewed publication.”

The Orbit system consists of articulating and rotating discectomy instrumentation that uses a minimal, posterior incision and/or MIS tubular approach to achieve efficient disruption and removal of disc tissue while preparing the endplates for fusion.  The novel articulating rotary design allows the instrumentation’s working end to evacuate the full area of the disc necessary for implantation of the Luna XD circular device.

The Luna XD system allows an ALIF-sized, circular implant to be surgically delivered to the intervertebral space through a posterior, minimally-invasive access point.  Once inserted, the Luna XD implant first expands horizontally to cover the disc footprint, creating a stable foundation.  Then the implant expands vertically up to 16mm to restore disc height.  Furthermore, the device includes  up to 12° of lordosis to aid in the restoration of sagittal alignment.

Luna XD and Orbit have been integrated as the newest technologies within Spinal Elements’ MIS Ultra™ platform of products and procedural solutions.  At the time of acquisition, the company announced its goal of a relaunch of the technology by the second quarter of 2021 and through the efficiency of its integration team has been able to deliver the goal on a faster timeline.

Jason Blain, CEO of Spinal Elements, stated, “The acquisition and integration of the Luna XD and Orbit technologies into the Spinal Elements MIS Ultra portfolio allows Spinal Elements to continue to deliver innovative and clinically-differentiated technologies to surgeons like Dr. Fessler and their patients.  Both of these technologies further our goal of being a driving force that fundamentally changes the way spine surgeons approach and operate in minimally-invasive spinal procedures.  I am proud of the execution success our team showed in quickly returning these technologies to market.”

Spinal Elements acquired the Luna XD and Orbit systems in December 2020 along with the assets of the former Benvenue Medical.  The company anticipates a resurgence in the surgical use of both products in posterior lumbar fusion spinal procedures.

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