Sunscreen- Best Option to Live Sun-Safe Life

In summer, sunscreen acts as a shield for people from harmful ultraviolet rays. These rays can be the root cause of the damage that a person can face due to the heavy beams of the sun. High-quality sunscreen will prove to be a good option as it decreases the risk of skin cancer; to make the situation better, you need to use a cream with an SPF of at least 15.

Coming in direct contact with the sun can lead to early signs of aging; at this stage, if you use sunscreen, then it will reduce the symptoms of premature aging.

Who Can Use Suncream?

There are no specific criteria for the people who can use the sunscreen; all people, male, female, and children, can use these creams. You can choose the hydrant pro mineral broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 36 to get good results.

It is known to be a lightweight option that will brighten the complete skin tone and give good results. Only babies under six months are the exception for the use of these creams, as they can have some side effects with the use of the cream.

Ingredients of Suncream

The effective sunscreen ingredients make it a good option to use under the sun. It will work as a protection from the harmful UV rays which a person comes in contact with daily. There are mainly two forms of sun cream that contain different ingredients and accordingly give their results.

  • Physical sunscreen contains the minerals like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for good results. It will help in scattering the rays before they reach the layer of the skin.
  • Chemical sunscreen contains the ingredients like octoate, so the absorption of UV rays and damage to the skin will be less.

When Should A Person Apply Sunscreen?

Just having the main benefits of the sunscreen is insufficient; as a user, you need to have complete detail on when you should go for its use. When stepping out of the house, apply the sun cream 30 minutes before that time.

The effect of the cream remains for a specific period, so just reapply it after 2 to 3 hours for the best results. If you are involved in the acts like swimming and a high amount of sweating, apply the cream just after completing the act.

How to Choose Sunscreen?

There is more than just a single option of sunscreen available in the market. By dedicating a good amount of time and effort, you can finally choose the cream that will give good results. Some common factors will help in making the selection.

  • Based on the family history and the chance of skin cancer, you can choose the sunscreen that will be a good option.
  • There is a certain medication that makes you sensitive p to sunrays, so analyze the options and finally choose the best care.
  • Variations in skin types there based on the person, so ensure that you analyze the skin type and then choose the cream as per the pattern only.
  • You need to also look for the SPF of the cream that you are choosing; it is the factor that will offer you a specific level of protection from UV rays.


It would help if you were careful in choosing the sunscreen, hydrant pro mineral broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 36 is known to be a good option and will offer people favorable results. Here what you can do is gather a complete detail from the experts and use the one that is as per the skin type and texture.

It’s also advisable to add the best anti ageing vitamin E face cream you can find to your regimen.

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