Supercell Acquires Exclusive Licensing from Japanese Immunotherapy Leader for Advanced NK Cell Treatment Technology

Supercell Biotechnology Corporation commemorates the first anniversary of rebranding from previously-called SinoCell Technologies, due to the company’s capital increase by RMT Holding Group. Demonstrating the strategic move at the Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan, their theme “Hope Begins from Now”, encapsulates their global expansion and transformation in healthcare.

Supercell, through partnerships in regenerative medicine, has secured an exclusive license for a Japanese-developed natural killer (NK) cell culture technique. The technique, pivotal in cancer cell elimination and immune system enhancement, will be showcased at the expo, highlighting their latest experimental advancements[1].

The majority of NK cells administered on day 14 are CD56brightCD16NK cells, which primarily enhance immune function but show reduced expression of the CD16 membrane protein, crucial for tumor cell destruction. Dr. Hiroshi Terunuma’s methodology indicates that by day 21, CD56brightCD16+NK cells become the dominant cell type. These cells demonstrate increased expression of both CD56 and CD16 membrane proteins, enabling both cytotoxic and immunomodulatory effects. The results showed both qualitative and quantitative enhancements, as evidenced by the presence of more than 60 x 108 NK cells, a purity level greater than 80%, and an amplification rate exceeding 1,500-fold.

Dr. Hiroshi Terunuma, a distinguished international authority in cancer treatment based in Japan and a long-standing partner of Supercell, has successfully administered NK cell therapy in over 40,000 cases. In a clinical study, 63 patients diagnosed with terminal malignant pancreatic cancer received conventional cancer therapy supplemented by NK cell infusion. Results showed a significant improvement in survival rates, with 41 patients doubling their expected lifespan from 6 to 13 months[2]. Moreover, a British patient with terminal colon cancer achieved a complete remission, showcasing the effectiveness and progressive potential of NK cell therapy.[3]

If adopted as a standard practice in future healthcare, this approach could enhance cellular immunity, potentially leading to increased resilience in the face of a progressively complex disease environment.

Sean Ishihara, Chairman of RMT Group, parent company of Supercell Biotechnology Corporation, emphasizes, “medical care is a universal right.” Unlike typical biotech companies focused on going public, Supercell prioritizes researching and developing safe, effective biotech applications. The company actively collaborates with international experts to realize this mission. Through these partnerships, Supercell aims to deliver top-quality solutions worldwide.

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[3] (Colon cancer patient who turned away from NHS ‘disease free’ 6 years after being told he had months to live, By Paul Gallagher, September 10, 2022 6:00 am (Updated at September 13, 2022 11:05 am))

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