iRemedy Advises “Project Vaccinate” Program is Gaining Traction in 2021 With Over 130 Million Needles and Syringes Delivered

iRemedy announced that in association with the Company’s effort to procure and deliver one billion FDA-approved hypodermic needles and syringes in support of COVID-19 vaccination programs worldwide, over 130 million units have been delivered to customers since announcing its program in November 2020.

UVC PureLight 360​ Proven To Kill The Spread Of COVID-19 Coronavirus

UVC PureLight 360 Test results from a leading independent international laboratory confirm that the patent-pending 320W UVC Induction/LED prototype from Miami-based UVC PureLight 360 LLC inactivates more than 99.9% of COVID-19 in a 16' X 16' room in as little as 3.5 minutes.

Plasma Therapy Accelerator – ‘SARS-Hunter” a New Solution for Better Antibody Therapy for All COVID-19 Patients

SARS-Hunter gives the possibility to hospitals to isolate the antibodies from plasma to be given as therapy and increases the chances of success of treatment, while reducing the side effects of plasma therapy given today.

As Businesses Begin to Open Yates Enterprises is Offering Temperature Detectors to Help Protect Against COVID-19

Yates Enterprises founder and CEO, William Yates, MD, anticipated COVID-19 would become a serious public health issue in the U.S. early on.

Medtronic Launches New Solutions to Help Monitor Patients for COVID-19

It has already launched its new Respiratory Infectious Disease Health Check to existing MCMS customers, and it is now launching a new COVID-19 Virtual Care Evaluation and Monitoring solution available to U.S. health systems, health plans and employers. 

ixlayer COVID-19 Clinical Test Platform to Power Labs and Health Systems Launched

The ixlayer COVID-19 Clinical Test Platform already encompassing the security components that are complex and time-consuming to deliver, has been adapted for COVID-19 specific content and user flows, allowing physicians/health systems, organizations, and university groups to quickly connect with partnering labs to deliver COVID-19 clinical testing.

Researchers at UC San Diego Evaluating Potential “One-Hour” COVID-19 Diagnostic Test

Physician-scientists at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) are the first to evaluate a new covid-19 diagnostic test system designed by Irvine, CA-based Fluxergy, that holds promise for identifying the SARS-CoV-2 virus (also known as the novel coronavirus) in as little as 45 minutes and typically within one hour.
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ExpressionEdits Raises $13M in Seed Funding to Advance Protein Expression Using AI-Driven Intronization Technology

The funding will accelerate candidate selection for preclinical studies and develop a pipeline of protein-based therapeutics. The primary focus for the pipeline will be recombinant proteins that have historically faced production and manufacturing challenges based on current technology notes ExpressionEdits.
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