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Sunday, May 28, 2023



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Tekscan Announces a New and Improved In-Shoe Pressure Mapping System

Tekscan, Inc., has introduced F-Scan64™ 2.0: a new and improved, easy-to-use, cordless in-shoe pressure mapping system, offering true freedom of movement for the subject. System setup is quick and easy. The pre-sized sensors provide Tekscan’s fastest sensor connection process to date. This enhanced system is comprised of features that current F-Scan64 customers have requested.

F-Scan64 2.0 is the latest addition to Tekscan’s in-shoe pressure mapping systems. It is designed for clinicians and clinical researchers seeking an efficient and dependable in-shoe gait analysis solution. Gait analysis plays an important role in identifying abnormalities and asymmetries that can be indicative of an underlying health problem. It is ideal for measuring pressure and force during dynamic and static activities like walking, squatting, or lunging. It can also be used in pre- and post-rehabilitative treatment applications, or assisting in orthotic or corrective footwear selection and design. Users can gather objective information on timing and plantar pressures, along with other essential gait parameters, using F-Scan64 2.0. The sensors are reusable and will last for multiple trials, depending on the application.

Ulta-Thin Pressure Mapping Sensors

Similar to the original F-Scan64 system, the system allows for natural gait data collection free from cords and now offers the ability for easy data retrieval when moving out of Bluetooth range.  Collected data is always accessible, regardless of how far the subject travels from the computer. This places minimal restrictions on movements – offering true freedom of movement and a greatly enhanced user experience. The possibilities are now endless with this design.

F-Scan64 2.0 features an ultra-thin and flexible pressure-sensing array that fits within the patient’s shoe. After a simple set-up and Bluetooth-connection process, pressure feedback from the sensor relays wirelessly to a PC-based software as the patient moves. The software captures pressure, force, and temporal gait data, while also providing users access to the raw data for analysis. Biomechanics researchers and clinicians use in-shoe pressure data to pinpoint issues in the gait cycle, identify and correct asymmetries and dysfunctions, improve athletic performance, and more.

Patients that seek treatment want fast and effective care.   F-Scan64 2.0 users can set up and begin collecting data in under three minutes. The availability of six different sensors pre-sized to fit most adults provides additional time-saving by avoiding the extra step of trimming sensors to each patient’s shoe size.

“Listening to customers and adapting our technology to fit market needs is what innovation is all about. You asked and we delivered! Our system can now truly be used in real world testing environments and is absolutely what customers are looking for,” states Alyssa Rubino, Tekscan Medical Product Manager.

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